Ligament and Joints Clinic: Comprehensive & Individualized Treatment for Arthroscopy, Replacement, Meniscus Repair & Sports Injury

Unlike yesteryears, sports are a full-time career now. Hence, being fit & faster recovery from any injury is paramount to the sportsmen’s long career graph. But the promising careers of players like Maurice Stokes, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods & Bernard King, amongst several others were derailed due to injury. Meticulous about their injury & recovery, sportsmen carefully choose clinics and doctors who can treat their ailments in quick time. Jaipur-based Ligament and Joints Clinic (L&JC) investigate as per the patient’s injury/need and provide a comprehensive, individualized care and quick recovery to the athletes - the perfect fit for any sports injury treatment.

With Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rajat Jangir (Consultant Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeon, L&JC) who holds specialized training in Arthroscopy and sports surgery, and has operative experience of more than 1200 arthroscopy surgeries, the clinic takes complete care of orthopedics and sports medicines along with rehabilitation services serviced through the team of physiotherapists & dedicated staffs. Dr. Rajat has successfully treated national & international Indian athletes and has even worked as a sports physician at Rio Olympics 2016. He even holds sports medicine diploma from International Olympic Committee.
Dr. Rajat Jangir,Consultant Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeon

Dr. Rajat Jangir

Consultant Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeon

L&JC is also one among the few centers in India offering meniscus repair surgeries

Wide Range of Specialized Treatments

Equipped with modern operation theater of international standards and latest instruments for surgery and rehabilitation services, the clinic provides operative and post-operative services/facilities. These modern methods enable the clinic to mobilize the patients the very next day of replacement surgery. L&JC offers treatment of knee surgeries (like cruciate ligament, ACL PCL Collateral ligament, medical collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, cartrilage injuries, meniscus repair and surgery) and shoulder injuries by keyhole arthroscopy surgeries, which are provided with minimum invasive day care technique and quick recovery of the athletes. Arthroscopy, a surgical procedure is use to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint.
Knee arthroscopy allows doctors to view the knee joint without making a large incision (cut) through the skin and other soft tissues, thus requiring less recovery time period.

“We have shoulder arthroscopy surgery for recurrent dislocation of shoulder, rotator cuff tear and labral tears,” asserts Dr. Rajat. The clinic is also one among the few centers in India offering meniscus repair surgeries, and Dr. Rajat is amongst a handful of surgeons in India, specializing in surgical services for shoulder replacements (semi, total and reverse) and meniscus surgery (a latest trend in sports surgeries). The dedicated team of four physiotherapists headed by Dr. Ashish Sharma, trained in dealing with all the sports injuries, play pivotal role in mobilizing patients smoothly and faster.

An elite team of Dr. Rajat, Dr. Ashish & physiotherapists supported by the staffs, uphold & maintain a standard for patient’s care at the clinic. They are imparted with regular training for updation of knowledge, the use of latest technology available and how best treatment can be provided to the patients. Visioned towards providing individual healthcare in terms of surgery, rehabilitation and physical fitness services to athletes, and help them get back the desired performance level, L&JC plans to develop sports injury centers.