• Orthopaedics: Improving Your Musculoskeletal System
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    Orthopaedics: Improving Your Musculoskeletal System

    The sedentary lifestyles and surge in incidence of obesity results in the orthopedic problems in Indians and a large number of the people continue to live with it and fail to seek medical help at the right time. People suffering from orthopedic diseases have two options, either to follow the medication or through a surgery. A daily routine that includes a religious devotion to daily exercise, use of physiotherapy and heat therapy will keep the condition under control whereas for others an orthopedist will do the trick. As ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’, people who are active with flexible joints and strong bones have the best chance of avoiding joint pains. Doctors claim that lack of exercises and others make our bones softer and this leads to deformities causing awkward...


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