Levizi: Emergency on Call

P. Rajavel,Director

P. Rajavel


The bytes of information stored in our mobile lacks contact details of a near by ambulance, or an emergency hospital or for that matter, access to doctors during off time. Medical emergency is one of the major reasons for increasing death tolls in the recent times, especially for cardiac and accident related issues. But we have failed to give a deep thought to this brimming subject. P. Rajavel, Director, Levizi, further elaborates, “Knowledge of emergency medicines that can save our life, and having a family member/helper around during emergency is a missing link in emergency care”. So to summarize, is it easy for us to find/search/browse/call the above mentioned services to get access to, instantly?

The answer would have been a big ‘No’ until recently till Rajavel launched the emergency services web /app Levizi that addresses each of the above mentioned qualms. Just a call away, Levizi emergency care service focuses on five core areas: Pre emergency, During emergency, Doctors @9PM to 9AM, Surgery second opinion and Healthy Home /Apartment. While its Pre emergency service assess what emergency could come even before it arrives, and give medicines in prior (handy emergency kit),its During health emergency provides
users with access to emergency care services just by a call / tap (reaching to doctors, ambulance, emergency medicines and informing family members), Doctor @9PM-6AM provides online consultation and home visit during night and weekends,its Surgery second opinion helps patient to get opinion from doctors regarding surgery, while Healthy Home /Apartment provides 24x7 emergency care services and doctor consultation at apartment premises.

This emergency kit and Levizi emergency ID card is handed over to patients, and explained on using the app/web

The Two-step Process

Once the patient registers and avails Levizi’s plan, he/she immediately gets access to emergency care services just by a call. Post going through these records, doctors provide consultation, write patient’s health summary and prescribe a set of emergency medicines, which is then put in a colored pouch by Levizi’s care taker team post writing medicine name (both in English and his/her mother tongue), put patient photo and number on each pouch (for elderly patients’ease). This emergency kit and Levizi emergency ID card is handed over to patients, and explained on using the app/web.

During emergency, the patient uses this app or calls Levizi and conveys the emergency ID number to its 24x7 caretaker team, post which the emergency request is informed to all family members associated with the
patient, while the doctors will immediately access the patient PHR, emergency medicines given in the kit and family contacts. After consultation with patient,if the mentioned health issues can be resolved with the given emergency medicines, doctors’advice patient/family members to take them. But if patient needs to be hospitalized, the care taker team will arrange ambulance and get him/her to near by hospital. Even before patient reach hospital, Levizi team informs patient details to the hospital’s emergency doctors. Even if patient is unconscious, hospital doctors can use the patient’s Levizi emergency card to access his/her health records and family contacts. Levizi shares information such as patient location, doctor consultation, health issues identified, medicines given, ambulance & hospital details with family members in India /abroad from the time user requested emergency help.

The Value Proposition

For patients, pre emergency assessment & emergency medicine kit help get access to emergency care services just by call and info sharing to family members, patient-to-patient chat and auto pharmacy (coming soon) facilities, while doctors leverage features like doctor-to-doctor chat via text / voice/video, connect with their patients, and more. On the other hand, pharma companies get to save their marketing cost and time, and share info with pharma CXOs. Levizi, mentored by Prof. Nandini Vaidyanathan, Founder, CARMa CONNECT, is working on automating the emergency trigger for known few emergency cases like cardiac. We will soon witness Levizi growing its geographical presence and create emergency care awareness for the common man.