Separator AI Driven Platform Providing Customized Health Plans for Better Life

Laxmi Pandrala, Founder & CEO,Amol Kamble, Founder & MD

Laxmi Pandrala, Founder & CEO

Amol Kamble, Founder & MD

The Indian Healthcare platform is witnessing a drastic revolution. Exclusively, the health care applications and online consultations. It is becoming easier for the individuals to track their health fitness and to verify if they do need any plans to improve their wellbeing pattern. The present millennials mostly choose customized plans according to their life-style and time available, also, an important factor they look forward is the right guidance to maintain their health. As the technology is advancing, people are choosing to better go with healthcare applications rather than physical visit to the experts due to various conditions. Hence, the Healthcare Applications Industry is anticipated as one the fastest growing segment and, it has been deduced that the preventive healthcare segment is all poised to grow at USD and will be a 100 Billion Industry by 2022 in India.

With a great passion towards healthcare and fitness, Laxmi Pandrala and Amol Kamble established, in the years 2019. At, they try to coordinate key verticals of all encompassing prosperity under one single stage where, an individual can get to different preventive healthcare administrations, which makes measure less tedious, compelling with recognizable outcomes. Having an abundant experience in this segment LaxmiPandrala, Founder and CEO,, elucidates her views, "Today over 2.4 billion people around the globe need preventive healthcare to tackle one or other health issues like obesity,
diabetes but they lack awareness and access to high-quality preventive healthcare services. We at, making associations with individuals and brands who are in wellness fragments like Exercise center, supplements brands, foundations, and more to teach individuals about preventive medical services approaches for a superior and more beneficial way of life."

Serving the Fragmented Preventive Healthcare Segment
The Application gives inside and out wellbeing investigation with the goal that customers are consistently mindful and can settle on better choices. The company not just focuses on weight loss or weight gain but at they provide a range of hyper-personalized nutrition plans like - Medical Nutrition (Diabetes Control, Thyroid control, PCOD, Heart care), Sports nutrition, and wellness nutrition. AI-driven intelligence driven customized sustenance is the flood of things to come and is attempting to be a pioneer around there by blood and DNA testing to create nourishment plans and update them through individual following and simulated intelligence driven learning. This healthcare company believes that such personalization would be better than today's general nutrition plan and further enhance the knowledge of mankind in understanding the relationship between DNA and nutrition.'s focus is using nutrition as a tool for prevention of disease condition rather than reactive medicines. ran various free mindfulness campaigns in rustic regions for all age gatherings and sexual orientations covering around 10000 individuals and teach them about the early intercession of better way of life and nourishment for a superior life. The components that make extraordinary in this portion and their USP is giving an assembled stage to all preventive healthcare and fitness service needs at one spot. More than 10 years of experience in the same domain with elite clients like UmeshYadav, Manan Vohra, Rutuja Bhosle and many national and international players. Using AI for preventive healthcare to treat or control lifestyle diseases and around 172 health parameters can be tracked using

With 25000+ clients within the first year of the product launch, presently, has 2.1+ million 2.1 million food exchanges on the stage, 5.4+ ton weight has been decreased, and over 1.4 million water glasses. It has expanded in Toronto, Canada.

Inside the following 5 years, we hope to acquire 25+ million clients on the stage and bring superior way of life as a feature of their every day schedule. We are building a specialty commitment device which can help specialists or wellbeing experts to settle on a superior choice and give individual and exactness medical care to patients", concludes AmolKamble, Founder and MD, Lami.Fit.