Krishna Hospital and Research Centre: Truly Committed to Healthcare for All

Dr. J. S. Khurana,  Founder & CMD

Dr.J. S. Khurana, Founder & CMD

In 1978, the WHO adopted the primary healthcare approach as the basis for effective delivery of health services. But in India,a major portion of the population lacks basic access to the healthcare facilities. Sadly, most of the patients die of poor quality care than due to lack of access to healthcare, especially rural population residing in hilly areas. Dr.J. S. Khurana, Founder & CMD, Krishna Hospital and Research Centre (KHRC),
explains, “We adjudge the situation as a scope to reach lakhs of people who are deprived of basic healthcare needs”.

Situated at the foothills of the mountain belts of Uttarakhand, Dr. Khurana aims to expand the facilities to every small, medium and big towns of the state. “People here are not financially stable. While most youth have left Kumaon for better education and jobs, old people form a major portion of the population here left on themselves to be fed and treated. The region above consists of many places that
do not even have basic emergency facility. We aim to provide world class facility to these people through camps and adopting villages,” he further adds. KHRC organizes free camps to reach out to these rural areas to provide treatment at minimal cost for patients under the BPL. The hospital selects few people from the camp who are in urgent need of treatment and gives them treatmentfree of cost, while the medicines are given free of costs in the camps. KHRC is also associated with Smile Train Program to provide corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates.

"We adjudge the situation as a scope to reach lakhs of people who are deprived of basic healthcare needs"

The Priority Healthcare Service Centre
Renowned as one of the oldest and prime hospitals in Kumaon region, KHRC is a multispecialty and trauma medical centre and is credited with performing some of the firsts in the region, such as first to perform successful knee replacement, first successful brain tumour operation, first to successfully operate brain clot of a 13-month old baby and many more. Founded in 1988, this NABH certified centre complies with the standards of quality council of India and is expert in handling major traumatic injuries akin to falls, motor vehicle collisions or gunshot wounds. “We are pioneer in handling extreme traumas with
the best team of doctors under all the departments,” explains Dr. Khurana. With the prime focus to deliver immediate emergency services 24x7, KHRC providesbest of technology for investigations under one roof and emphasizes on follow-up care to ensure patients get the best of treatment.

The hospital has modular operation theatres designed in a way that allows installation and support of all equipment and the provision of opening required for the installation, without affecting rigidity and strength. These equipments are resistant against moisture, sound, fire, high load bearing and impact, thus reducing chances of any infection and bacteria contamination. Further, Carl Zeiss microscope helps neurosurgeons to meet and expand their boundaries of surgical care in terms of magnification, illuminization and clearance, and CT Angiogram of brain and spine helps diagnose blood clots or bleeding associated with stroke. The hospital also performs Arthroplasty surgery and Arthroscopic surgery.

Keen on internal development, KHRC follows measures to improve its infrastructure and employee welfare, and focuses on Committee Audits, Training & Development and Quality Improvement. The centre plans to soon open a cancer hospital in the region so that people suffering from cancer can get affordable treatment at their place and are not forced to move to big cities.