Kallows: Simplifying ECG Recording & Remote Diagnosis via Advanced Technology, Paraphernalia & Integrated Support

Gajanan Nagarsekar,Managing Director

Gajanan Nagarsekar

Managing Director

In today’s technologically driven world, maximum numbers of customers opt for digitally-led services. Thanks to the advent of telehealth solutions, patients now receive medical solutions more efficiently through highly innovative and technically advanced medical devices. As a result, global telemedicine market is expected to reach $113.1 billion by 2025. Stepping forward as a responsible consortium by providing integrated telemedicine solutions is Goa-based Kallows that specializes in cardiology segment and offers connected software support with telemedicine solutions.

The brainchild of Gajanan Nagarsekar (Managing Director), Kallows is the name to reckon with for mobile health solutions, predominantly for ECG recording and telemedicine. The 2007-founded company aims at innovating healthcare technologies via integrated applications and smart devices. Kallows’ flagship product – mobmon 12.0, an ultra portable Android based ECG machine, outshines the competitive ambit by offering highest speed of access to patient’s ECG for immediate consultation, hence a life-saving feature.

Counting Every Heartbeat with Accuracy

Widely recognized for its cutting-edge products, Kallows has simplified cardiac monitoring through mobmon 12.0 that is ultra-portable and low-priced.

Widely recognized for its cutting-edge products, Kallows has simplified cardiac monitoring through mobmon 12.0 that is ultra-portable and low-priced

The ultra-portable kit (allowing storage in pouch, carry case and multi vitals kit) records ECG and heart rate with utmost accuracy and allows the option to print from various locations while its report on mobile feature provides the benefit of report review for remote doctor consultation – a feature which sets Kallows apart. Explicating on remote diagnosis attribute, Gajanan adds, “Telemedicine is the key to Kallows’ products. We connect our medical devices to your mobile and PC or to our team of doctors. This gives us remote diagnosis capabilities, which means cutting response times and saving lives”.

Available in four variants – Mobmon 12.0, Mobmon 12.0 with teleECG, Mobmon 12.0 multi vitals kit and Mobmon 12.0 value , the product’s workflow for telemedicine is a three step process starting with acquiring patient’s parameters using Mobmon and transferring the data to Android phone. The data is then transferred to cloud server followed by sharing the details with specialist for reporting and consultation. Operational on battery enabled with live-ECG transfer feature, the technologically advanced device offers PC based software for local storage and optional cloud storage. The product automatically restores medical records in case of mobile damage or loss. “Our solution is customized to meet various customer requirements,” explains Gajanan.

Integrated Approach for Healthcare Advancements

Kallows is an active manufacturer and distributor of Bluetooth blood pressure meters and pulse oximeters, which are aggressively utilized by cardiologists, diagnostic centres, hospitals, old age homes, home care services, medical camps, general practitioners and emergency vehicles. Certified by ISO 13485, Kallows customizes its services and applications as per customers needs and provides medical IoT solutions through connected network involving scaled technology and Big Data. Kallows also lives up to its rapport of being a trusted partner and understanding customer’s requirements to the core. Hence is the company’s integrated focus on services involving medical device support, remote services with doctors on-board, EMR integration and app development.