Kaarpas: Redefining Super Soft Baby Clothing & Smart Parenting Accessories with Finest Organic Cotton

Rohan Kulkarni, CEO
Rohan Kulkarni,CEO
Traditional forms of baby-care products have been replaced by inventions that are of great utility, but use raw materials that are processed with high amount of chemicals, which not only pose harm to the baby’s skin and overall health, but also affects our mother earth due to their non-degradable nature. 2015-founded Pune-based Kaarpas came up with the idea of intert wining traditional forms of organic-cotton and the finest muslin, focusing on well being of the baby and the environment.

Pioneering ideas with creative models, Rohan Kulkarni, CEO of Kaarpas, asserts, “Every parent wants safe and the best quality product available in the market for their little bundle of joy! The scarcity of time and the hunt for these products always ends up in an unpleasant compromise. We also sensed a huge void in various markets with products that ensure comfort for babies and are supporting Organic Farming. This is exactly where we passionately work and will continue the discovery of amazing sustainable products”.
" Kaarpas is known for its multi-functional organic muslin swaddle wrap that is breath able, holds the exact warmth required for the baby and protects the tender skin from developing any rashes"

Comfort, style, trendy designs and high-quality organic biodegradable fabrics are the drivers for producing the premium yet sustainable cotton-clothing and utility-products. Kaarpas is known for its multi-functional organic muslin swaddle wrap that is breathable, holds the exact warmth required for the baby and protects the tender skin from developing any rashes, making the babies feel comfortable and enjoy a delightful sleep. Kaarpas also specializes in multiple categories of products such as Sleeping Pouch and Cocoon, Bibs, Burp Cloths, blankets, fitted crib sheets, Onesie & Pant combos, Rompers and Front opening T-shirts -- all of these made from finest 100 percent Organic Cotton. Kaarpas will soon be launching Hoodie and Poncho towels, toddler’s back-packs and diaper bags for the parents.

From farm to fabric
Kaarpas uses organic fibers and chemical-free dyes suitable for the delicate skin of the little bambinos. A lot of ideas are put in while creating the unique, colorful and fashionable designs and patterns that enhance baby-parent relationships and facilitate story-telling,initiating early learning experiences for the baby. Kaarpas believes in Make in India
campaign of our Hon’ble Prime Minister and manufactures, conceptualizes and designs all its products in India aiming to erase the common-notion of imported products being of superior-quality. The brand ensures that every product is at par or even better than international standards.

Thanks to the extensive use of technology used from designing to production, intensive safety & quality checks, lab tests, inspections during and post-production, and its philosophy to always surpass its own quality-standards, Kaarpas leaves no stone unturned to give the best product a baby deserves. The brand conducts regular product trials by inviting a random group of moms from its customer-base to feel and test the products under the supervision of the employees who record their feedback.

Harnessing Future-Success with Current-Trends
With continued innovation and customer support, the company has grown its revenue by 150 percent year-on-year since its inception. The company is all set to inspire parents to use organic products by creating more awareness. “We have our heart set to partner Utility with Quality and Value in the baby products industry!” concludes Rohan.