Jannee Fertility Centre: A Revered Name For Treating Infertility

Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, Founder & Director

Dr. Nirmal Bhasin

Founder & Director

Behind India’s growing population is yet another story the declining fertility rate! Despite being the world’s second most populous country, around 10-14 percent of the population here suffers from infertility (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction), with higher rates in urban areas where one out of six couples is impacted. On the other hand, issues like psycho sexual disorder(Vaginismus fear of penetration) add further to this number. While there are growing numbers of fertility clinics, it is equally important that patients are not just treated physically but mentally as well to get the most out of the process. While many fertility clinics are expert is providing just the treatments, Chandigarh based Jannee Fertility Centre handholds patients throughout the process thus being their friend and companion who have empathy towards them.

“I have seen patients who couldn’t have sex for years even after marriage. I can recall a patient who has not had sex for 10 years, but our counselling helped treat her and enter the zone of normal married life. Today she is a proud parent,” explains Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, Founder & Director, Jannee Fertility Centre. What plays an important role in the process is her two decades of industry experience that she leverages to first comprehend patient’s issues and then offer a suitable treatment process. She very well understands that infertility should be treated both physically and mentally to bring the patients at the comfort state-of-mind for positive and better results.

Hence under her guidance, Jannee offers not just IUF, IVF, ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection),Surrogacy, Sperm Banking & Cryopreservation, Embryo Donation & Vitrification Oocyte Donation and several other treatment processes, but even counselling. Emphasizing on transparency since the very beginning of any process, Dr. Nirmal counsels both partners (husband and wife) together in the very first session, which usually takes around an hour. “It is really important for the patients to have a clear understanding of the procedure they will undergo, about the success rate, and the cost, which creates transparency since the very beginning. We move forward with the treatment only once they are mentally prepared to take the next step together with confidence,” explains Dr. Nirmal.

Further to ensure that there remains no gap between the promise and the result, Dr. Nirmal partakes each process herself. Whether it’s being constantly in touch with patients, counselling them, embryology process, or others, she monitors every activity end-to-end. This is why the clinic’s success rate is around 98 percent for psychosexual disorders and 45 percent for IVF-ICSI. “I am a trained embryologist and unlike other clinics where doctors do the job of embryologist, who are not experienced in the job, I leverage my experience and deal with the cells in my lab myself. This gives a sense of contentment to me,” she explains.
The clinic strictly follows the ICMR guidelines & the PCP entity regulations. Hence it does not indulge in any sex selection or determination. Under the ICMR guidelines Jannee engages with donors who are not older than 35 years of age or younger than 21 years, are married and have kids. “We conduct a complete investigation before we engage them in the process,”says Dr. Nirmal. A technologically advanced organization, Jannee even helped several elderly couples have kids again post they lost their children. “They were badly shattered and in deep distress. But post undergoing our IVF treatment, they are now happy parents. It is delightful to see how their lives have changed for better and as a token of love they usually send me gifts from their villages far off quoting me as their ‘God Mother’,”says a proud Dr. Nirmal.

We move forward with the treatment only once they are mentally prepared to take the next step together with confidence

Journey of Dr. Nirmal
Putting smiles on millions of faces, Dr. Nirmal is a woman everyone looks at. But her journey hasn’t been as pleasant as one can think of. Being the only child of her parents and separated from her husband 20 years ago posed a huge challenge in front of her, whether it was raising her two daughters single handed or starting Jannee. “I lost my father long back and being a single parent it was quite tough to get the ends meets. To say the least, I had no support from my family members when I started my journey. But today, I am happy to have hired a slew of expert doctors, counsellors clinicians embryologist and other staff members,” says Dr. Nirmal.

Today, Jannee is positioned as a strong tertiary care centre that not just treats patients in house but even sends its experts to other clinics and even countries to deal with the rising infertility issue. The clinic is also engaged in conducting various camps at other centres and hospitals in Punjab. It even treats poor patients free of cost, despite its treatment rates being too genuine. This is why the clinic has been garnering NRI patients through word-of-mouth publicity.

Going forward, Jannee will include oocyte freezing. “We currently offer only sperm freezing for patients who have cancer and undergo chemo therapy,” adds Dr. Nirmal. Jannee also looks at having tie-ups with other countries like Nepal(functional) Sri Lanka, and Mauritius to offer its expert service in the field of infertility. Dr. Nirmal very well understands the dearth of experts in the field hence by coming March she will start master classes for doctors who are interested in learning IVF & infertility treatment process.

Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, Founder & Director
A post graduate from Minsk, she holds two decades of experience in infertility treatment and have expertise in IVF and ICSI. A vising embryologist at various IVF centres in North India, she is also a member of various societies including ISAR, COGS, ACE, IMA – Chandigarh and IFS.

Location: Chandigarh
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