InnerHour: Promoting Mental & Emotional Wellbeing through Happiness Programs

Dr. Amit Malik,Founder & CEO

Dr. Amit Malik

Founder & CEO

In order to be emotionally healthy, one must become more self-aware and then learn critical psychological skills and incorporate them into their lives. Focused on promoting emotional and psychological health and well-being for a happier, healthier and more productive life, InnerHour provides wellness programs to individuals independently, or as part of corporate, schools and colleges. Run by a team of mental health and technology professionals collaborating with each other to make quality mental health-care accessible, affordable, and convenient, InnerHour provide customized action plans and online therapy based on the principles of cognitive and behavioral science, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Happiness through the InnerHour Happiness App
Placed in the emotional wellness segment, InnerHour primarily deals with prevention and health promotion and provides a unique mix of product &service seamlessly combined into one offering called the InnerHour Happiness App. This mobile-based application conducts an initial assessment in the selected area of concern and curates a customized 28-day plan for each employee or user. Some of these areas include sleep patterns, stress, anxiety, depression, anger or even general happiness levels.
By spending just 5-10 minutes each day, it promotes mental health by teaching life skills, coping techniques, relaxation activities, and providing the latest, cutting-edge information in an area of interest to the user. By enabling customized relief tools that one can use in times of distress, the app can provide users with help instantly. Users can also track their mood at early stage, improve sleep patterns, get professional support of therapists at any time, learn skills & techniques to deal with anger, and lead a happy life through science-backed strategies & techniques.

By providing original, empirically-based skill development modules and content on various lifestyle diseases and wellness-related issue, the app has earned the trust of the users and got 90 percent recommendation from the users

pgraded based on the users feedback, the app is built on agile methodologies. This helps the InnerHour team gauge user satisfaction and refine their offerings in order to meet users’ needs and demands. Using an extensive algorithm, InnerHour personalizes all its programs by using diagnostics tools at individual and organizational levels. Leveraging extensive data sets collected from user interactions with the app, the team can reduce cost while enhancing the overall quality and outcomes of its products and services.

While maintaining confidentiality of
individual users, the app provides unique organizational insights on
aggregate data. This includes the top psychological concerns within the workforce, data on key metrics such as stress and happiness, and employee engagement with the program and the organization. This data is used to identify areas of concern within the organization which are then addressed by the team through engaging and interactive on-site workshops and webinars delivered on the InnerHour platform itself. By providing original, empirically-based skill development modules and content on various lifestyle diseases and wellness-related issue, the app has earned the trust of the users and got 90 percent recommendation from the users.

In the Hands of Experts
As part of a structured system,InnerHour therapists continuously enhance their competence via supervision and training programs. They are also trained on all aspects of service delivery, including the nuances of delivering psychological therapy online. This enables the team of psychological experts to provide high quality, evidence-based and scientific psychological services.

Founded by Dr. Amit Malik (CEO) and Dr. Shefali Batra, both Psychiatrists themselves, InnerHour is comprised of 20 committed therapists, along with product teams. With rewarding growth in the previous year and expecting more in 2018, InnerHour’s current focus is to increase the penetration of corporate offering, while finding more meaningful ways of enhancing employee emotional wellness and also improving productivity and other organizational outcomes. “Having on-boarded our first few corporate customers, we aim to expand our institutional footprint rapidly over the next year so that more and more people can lead emotionally healthy lives,” concludes Dr. Amit.