Infinite Health Studios: Engendering Complete Wellness through Preventive & Palliative Healthcare Solutions

Rohit Dhingra,CEO & Founder

Rohit Dhingra

CEO & Founder

India is world’s diabetes capital, the third most obese country, and will be ranked first in cardiovascular diseases by 2020. These alarming facts altogether shine a spotlight on the Indian perception of ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. Expostulating this status quo is Delhi-based Infinite Health Studios (IHS), a top-tier corporate wellness organization that provides comprehensive wellness through Preventive & Palliative healthcare solutions. Striving to construct a wellness culture by incorporating yoga, meditation, and nutrition with a holistic approach as part of one’s daily lifestyle, Rohit Dhingra (CEO & Founder) left his promising corporate job to incept IHS in 2013 with a vision to ‘cure what cannot be endured and endure what cannot be cured’.

Harvesting Holistic Health
Optimal health and vitality are unrivaled in modern times and IHS creates awareness about this through its services like Yoga, Nutrition, Ergonomics, Physiotherapy, Team Building programs and the likes. Renowned as the pioneer in Delhi/NCR for excellence in yoga services, the company proffers over 20 types of yoga programs like traditional yoga, therapeutic yoga, chair yoga, alignment yoga, desktop yoga, corrective breathing, pranayama, and meditation.
IHS’ distinctive content & training module caters to cancer patients (under palliative care), diabetes patients, and pregnant females. Also providing nutrition support, health guides, app-based health tips & counselling support, it renders personalised training at home countrywide at 16 cities with convenient slots for end consumers to choose as per their convenience.

To craft a comprehensive tailor-made wellness program, IHS invests ample time in clearly understanding its client’s complete health status by performing both qualitative & quantitative assessment before delivering any service

To craft a comprehensive tailor-made wellness program, the company invests ample time in clearly understanding its client’s complete health status by performing both qualitative & quantitative assessment before delivering any service. Even for a corporate, a need analysis via questionnaire & diagnostic assessment or in-person assessment is conducted to assess every individual’s lifestyle, and customized programs are offered either individually or by dividing people into different groups of similar assessment. Its well-trained experts further follow these with a post-program assessment and constantly support them with newly researched modules &
case studies to assure the safety & efficacy. No wonder, IHS has lucratively served over 200 corporate including Coke, Indigo Airlines, Apollo, Jindal, Aditya Birla Group, Hyatt & ITC.

By far, the company has conducted 5100 yoga camps for Abbott India for the awareness & eradication of constipation through yoga, delivered 1500 diabetes awareness camps for Bayer Pharma, and 96 camps to Indigo Airlines at 40 airport locations in a single day. Having served Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the first National Tribal Carnival in 2016, the company attempts to forge more government tie-ups. It also renders yoga programs to underprivileged kids in collaboration with various NGOs.

Preventive Paradigm for Healthy Future
Unlike most wellness service providers that work through an aggregator model, IHS has a stronghold upon its expert training panel which comprises of doctors, yoga therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, fitness experts, and allied health experts who are scrupulously trained to ensure quality-driven and result-oriented programs. “We follow a strong feedback mechanism and have touched an end customer statistics of 10 lakh,” divulges Rohit who has been rewarded being one of the ‘Most Promising Entrepreneur for Healthcare Startup’. Standing tall with a cumulative turnover of around Rs.3 crore including this year, the company aspires to grow fourfold in the coming years. With presence in 13 major Indian cities and service availability PAN India, this bootstrapped company is rearing up to expand globally, altering the shape of healthcare from ‘sick’ to ‘preventive’.