IndiaOPD: Addressing the Long Standing OPD Challenges of the Country

Virendra Patrikar,  Founder & CEO

Virendra Patrikar, Founder & CEO

Indian healthcare facilities have been in doldrums with respect to scarcity of management for OPD patients. And this has been the case for public and private hospitals alike. IndiaOPD is a SaaS platform that offers end-to-end holistic cloud based solution for OPD management - from Appointments to Prescription to Digitization of old & new medical records for creating electronic medical records. The solution has features for an engaging experience for Doctors & Patients alike. “A developing country like India has far greater challenges for healthcare delivery; especially when the Public Health delivery system is yet to mature. The nation faces a peculiar problem of skewed doctor patient ratio and the extreme figures for the same in the rural areas. The list of pain points is endless – undertaking overnight journey, mandatory visits to clinics just to get a Time/Token appointment for an unpredictable appointment time, non-uniformity in prescription modes, lost medical record, diagnosis without any medical history/ record, etc. The loss is mutual for the care provider and the patient alike” emphasizes
Virendra Patrikar, Founder & CEO,IndiaOPD. Virendra embarked upon the mission to address these challenges five years back in Nagpur.

"IndiaOPD is heading towards becoming the de-facto pan-India search engine for OPD solutions"

The ever-growing health awareness, aggressive insurance facilities and spending & paying capacity across the populace has resulted into massive patient-in-transit phenomena across the length and breadth of the country. “Here, an online pan-India doctor search and Time/Token based appointment system can solve a great deal of a problem. The patient-in-transit and the accompanying lot adds to the cross-infection woes of the nation”, adds the CEO. The 24x7 prior availability of an online Time/Token Appointment System without needing any intervention minimizes this aspect to a large extent by minimizing patient-relatives density in the OPD area and releasing a substantial floor space. IndiaOPD offers Multi Clinic, Multi-Facility Clinic, Multi Location and Multi session sitting options for doctors in the same subscription dashboard - a value for money. IndiaOPD has API for integration with HMS, HIS or any Clinic Software for a seamless patient data flow from OPD to IPD.

Central India’s leading 100 Bedded Cardiac Care hospitals has performed more than 10000 Cardiac interventional procedures since 1980. This facility was facing an ever challenging OPD
management issue. After deploying IndiaOPD’s API, the Cardiac Care now on-boards patients online, walk-ins, offline or for future appointments 24x7, thereby releasing the pressure on the OPD department.

IndiaOPD, facilitates different prescription modes like PC, Tablet-Pen/ Stylus and/or Paper-Board Scribbling Pad based, offering real time digitization of the prescription and addressing the needs of majority of the doctors (>99 percent) preferring handwritten prescription. As a part of the same subscription, IndiaOPD allows to adapt and switch to the mode of his choice, comfort and needs. This differentiating feature has widened the prospective user base from the miniscule Computer savvy doctors to nearly all the healthcare professional enabling them to prescribe in any language of their choice while ensuring the personal touch they always wished.

For 2019, IndiaOPD is working on an end-to-end Outsourced OPD Management, taking charge of every activity at the OPD Desk and providing all necessary resources. IndiaOPD is heading towards becoming the de-facto pan-India search engine for OPD solutions. “For the nation, building an ecosystem facilitating for a 10 Million OPD patient/day is an enormous and a daunting task though. The grey dots have been identified and are being connected quarter on quarter basis. The journey too long but we are heading in the right direction”, concludes Virendra.