• CliniVantage: Restructuring the Indian Healthcare Delivery Model - Value Based Care
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    CliniVantage: Restructuring the Indian Healthcare Delivery Model - Value Based Care

    The drive to attain value-based care is reshaping, Clinicians are needed to help manage patients' care, and collect and interpret data, while in general, they work to become more efficient. The focus in healthcare today is reactive care – treating sick patients, instead of proactive care. Dealing with expensive, life-long chronic conditions and an aging population on the one hand, and with several technology innovations touted to address these challenges on the other, the model of delivering care is being upended. Moving towards a proactive or preventive care approach requires data-driven, clinically meaningful insights to be available for a physician to make prognostic, predictive decisions early-on. Fortunately enough, the healthcare industry has CliniVantage. Based out of USA, UK,...

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