ICAM Wellcare Clinic: A Progressive Medical Care Attacking the Root Cause behind Chronic Illnesses

Dr. Irfana Akther,Founder
Dr. Irfana Akther

Ironically, in a country that is possessing centuries of legacy in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), alternative medicine is not taken as first line of medicine. When one encounters chest pain, the first day patient runs to cardiologist, who will suggest diagnosis & heart scan, based on which the patient undergoes either stent or bypass surgery. While this conventional medicine is acceptable in case of emergency or trauma, the best approach would be subjecting the patient to alternative therapies that would help one eradicate the root cause of the problem. Particularly for chronic illnesses like Coronary Artery Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes or Hypertension, one must explore alternative therapies that go beyond merely patching-up the leaks with a quick fix. ICAM Wellcare Clinic is a unique integrated alternative therapy provider, which doesn’t merely suppress or solve the symptom, but delves deep to pinpoint the root cause to heal the patient completely, not just the disease.

The Next Generation Healthcare
“The major cause behind any chronic disease is high inflammation, which reduces the circulation and thus shrinks the intracellular oxygen level, thereby suppressing the immune system. Focusing majorly on cancer, cardiac and general detoxications, we treat the chronic inflammation, and thus improve the circulation & intracellular oxygen level, which in-turn increases the patient’s immune system,” explains Dr. Irfana Akther, MBBS, MAHM (UK), Founder, ICAM Wellcare Clinic. Being both a licensed Medical Doctor and a Certified Naturopath Medical Doctor (NMD), Dr. Irfana adeptly integrates the best of both approaches for optimal results.

It is quite hard for medical doctors to divert their field into alternative medicine. What made Dr. Irfana crave for alternative medicine? It all started 15 years back when her own mother was bed-ridden for three years with chronic Rheumatism. Despite having four medical doctors in her family, Dr. Irfana couldn’t do anything, but helplessly watched her mother’s health deteriorating day-by-day. Though her mother was on steroids & other conventional medicines, there was no improvement. This desperation thrust Dr. Irfana to travel to UK, Australia, and China in search of alternative doctors and to garner advanced knowledge on non-surgical treatments. She decided to implement her knowledge on diverse ways to deal with the internal inflammation through natural medicine, and established this progressive form of medical care under the aegis of International Complementary & Alternative Medicine (ICAM) in 2010.

Ever since, she has successfully treated over 5000 patients across
India & abroad, with countless patients who have benefited and witnessed improvements to their overall health and well-being, returning year after year for more treatments. Srinivas Rao is one such patient who states, “After Detox program in Colon Hydrotherapy, I have gained my lost appetite, no gastric, bloating or tiredness. This is a wonderful therapy; I feel much more lively”. Records of cases where ICAM’s treatment has enabled people with chronic illnesses like Cancer to carry out their day-to-day activities in a normal way without any discomfort are found in plenty as well.

"Focusing majorly on cancer, cardiac and general detoxications, we treat the chronic inflammation, thus improve the circulation & intracellular oxygen level,which in turn increases the patient’s immune system"

Kicking Cancer to the Curb
Nowadays, in every other house, there is a cancer patient. Unlike a patient with diabetes or hypertension who accepts the disease easily and is willing to continue treatment forever, cancer patients fall into the bottomless pit of grief like it’s the end of the world. Dr. Irfana however advocates that cancer is just another type of deficiency in the body which can be reverted if taken proper action.

Even though the patients opt for conventional therapy (surgery or chemo therapy), she intends to bring awareness among cancer patients, at least in India, to undergo thorough cancer detox for the whole body to prevent further spread of cancer or even revert cancer. “In layman’s terms, detox is nothing but internal cleansing. Patients who are advised for surgery can visit Dr. Irfana for a second opinion. Medical doctors & Oncologists should advise their patients to focus on detox simultaneously with the conventional treatment,” she remarks. To bring such awareness, ICAM often organizes medical camps, releases featured articles in newspaper & certain magazines, apart from giving her voice for alternative therapy as a speaker whenever she travels.

Its effective yet affordable Whole Body Detox Treatment for Cancer focuses on the detoxication of the organs, as well as blood. As colon is considered as the second brain of the body, which is capable of maintaining the entire body clean & healthy when it is clean, ICAM cleanses its patients’ colon by performing colon hydrotherapy with a German-made specialized equipment as the very first step of its detox process. Liver being the second major organ that needs to be kept crystal clear, the clinic cleans-up liver in forms of diverse types of enemas like Organic Coffee Enema, Probiotic and anti-inflammatory Enema. “Typically, in every few minutes, the entire blood in the body is dialyzed, wherein the unwanted toxins are filtered, as the entire blood passes through the liver. But in cancer patients, the liver gets extremely sluggish and causes the accumulation of lot of fat and toxins. New blood cells will not be created, since their filter is jammed,” explains Dr.Irfana.

This is where ICAM comes to the rescue with its liver cleansing modalities, which are followed by
lung cleansing techniques. Then starts the major cancer treatment protocols –intravenous curcumin therapy, a powerful antioxidant to shrink tumor, reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory) and prevent the final spread of cancer. The disease is further curbed with intravenous B17, Celect Budwig's protocol followed by intravenous megadose of Vitamin C and DMSO (Dimethyle Sulphoxide). “Cancer is such a horrendous disease, so we don’t waste our patients’ precious time by dealing with one single therapy. We attack the disease from multiple fronts with various therapies,” adds the Doctor.

With a team of interdisciplinary physicians and therapeutic care practitioners who work closely together, ICAM offers the best complementary & alternative medical treatments acquired from all around the world. In addition to possessing some of the most respected doctors in the field of Chelation, Ozone, EECP and other related therapies, the clinic also invites senior doctors, depending upon case to case. Besides organizing seminars, ICAM also conducts a monthly meeting, where the team discusses about different cases. “If we hear about any advanced treatment, one of our team members would travel to that country, gain knowledge on that and recommend a meeting to discuss on how to focus on future patients leveraging that technique,” elaborates Dr.Irfana.

"Cancer is such a horrendous disease, so we don’t waste our patients’ precious time by dealing with one single therapy. We attack the disease from multiple fronts with various therapies"

Welcoming Franchisers
Authorized by a German organization to train Medical doctors, as well as Ayurvedic/Homeopathy alternative doctors, especially for the Holistic detox therapy, Dr.Irfana is keen on sharing her knowledge with others as well. ICAM is more than happy to educate freshers and junior doctors about these therapies at its clinic, who would otherwise have to travel to countries like Germany, Canada or North America to learn such alternative therapies.

Growing at a healthy 30-40 percent rate annually, ICAM desires to reach-out to the masses by extending its branches of detox centres across India. Operating with the noble mission of spreading awareness about the 'do no harm' philosophy of medicine and introduce people to the many old and new non-surgical therapies, ICAM welcomes franchisers with open arms.

Dr.Irfana Akther, Founder
Dr. Irfana Akther–MBBS, MAHM (UK), is a leading Medical Doctor who specializes in International Complementary Alternative Medicine. She ensures that her patients are fully informed at all stages and are given realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved.

Headquarter: Bangalore
Offerings: Cardiac Care, Cancer Care, Multi-Organ Detox Care, Ortho Care, Neuro Care, and Anti-aging Care