Hoopa Baby Store: Utilizing Scientifically Proven Methods to Help Mothers Comfort Their Babies Better

Aditya Rathi, CEO
Aditya Rathi, CEO

Every mother world wide might acknowledge that new mothers struggle to find the perfect breast-feeding position while accommodating the newborn in her hands; since the infant’s delicate body necessitates a skillful balance. While most resort to utilizing flat pillows during the feeding time, others carry along additional carriers that need to be tightly latched onto the parent when attending to the child. This eventually leads to distressing experiences to both, parent and the child, as the flat posture makes it hard for the baby to manage the food path when being carried and the latch feature further exacerbates the struggle of finding the right feeding position. As an answer to these struggles, Hoopa Baby Store launched the first-of-its-kind infant carrier providing a safe reclined posture that’s free from the mother’s body, as per WHO’s recommendation. The mother can hold this thoughtfully
crafted-out apparatus anywhere on bottom side to keep the infant’s delicate head and neck safe.

Scientifically Strong Products
Launched in 2011, the Hoopa Infant Carrier had soon emerged into the first choice of 450,000 parents, as its success was drawn organically through word of mouth appreciation. This response was a stepping-stone for Hoopa to launch the advanced version (Hoopa Infant Carrier++) this year, which consisted of additional features like a hood that replaced the use of towels or blankets to swaddle the babies and protect them from germs in the environment, and an inbuilt belt that could aid parents to support the baby with much more ease and even single-handedly.

With Hoopa Infant Carrier successfully tested to meet US Consumer Safety Norms, the company is making exports to US, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Sri Lanka and European countries. On the onset of delivering exclusive baby safety and healthcare products, Hoopa also launched several other baby products like the bowl-trainer set and a happy-meal plate that were thoughtfully crafted to give an enhanced eating experience and train the child to develop and learn the right methods of eating behavior. For instance, the curved angles of the spoons guide the child to gauge the right twisting of arm to match the
mouth and avoid any sharp twisting that could hurt the child. “Being a single composite unit that has inbuilt designer bowls, the plate is made from a plastic which is used in refrigerators for food contact. Hence, it’s very safe for hot and cold serving,” explains Sunil Rathi, CEO, Hoopa Baby Store.

Current Trends & Future Orientation
In 2017, under the light of the Vedic philosophy of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, Hoopa launched Herbal & Natural products under a brand called Govinda's Naturals that is home to 120 variations of herbal products made from plants and other natural sources which are toxic-free. These exclusive products include Hulk mosquito repellant, Ezi Pain Relief spray, Herbal Body-wash, Herbal hair cleanser and hair conditioner and an exclusive collection for women healthcare which has been registered with FSSAI and Ayush for food and herbal products manufacturing.

With quality service as its motto and a current growth of 350 percent annually, Hoopa is gaining widespread recognition from VC investors. The company aims at getting listed in the stock exchanges and anticipates launching 200 herbal products within the next two years.