Heart to Heart Foundation: Tri - Modality Approach towards Psychotherapy

In India, currently, 7.5 percent of the population suffers from a wide range of psychological disorders which require timely expert intervention. However, very few mental health professionals offer expert services to counter the rising threat. To plug this gap, Dr. Rajan Bhonsle(Founder & MD) founded Heart to Heart(HTH) Foundation, which has two divisions: Heart to Heart Counselling Centre (A one-stop-specialty Psychotherapy facility) and Institute of Human Technology(IHT)-the Training & Education division.
Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Rajan established HTH in 1986. It is his mission to bring practically applicable tools to promote mental health in a world that’s becoming too fast to slow down. HTH is one of the oldest existing counselling service providers in India. “We have succeeded at empowering our clients with techniques to live more fulfilling & contented lives!” asserts Dr. Rajan. HTH adopts best practices and promotes excellence & ethics in counselling with its motto, ‘Counselling is as effective as the Counsellor is living effectively’. Its Training & Education wing has the motto ‘Dare to Care’, that communicates extending one self for the client’s well being at all times.

HTH offers the collective expertise of Dr. Rajan, Co-Founder Dr. Minnu Bhonsle (Senior Consulting Psychotherapist, Trainer & Relationship Counsellor) and his son - Dr. Aman Bhonsle (Trainer in Applied Transactional Analysis, Youth Mentor, Relationship Counsellor & Communications Coach). Together, they provide counselling services and training programmes, as well as bespoke workshops and consultancy to corporate clients.

Premiere Counselling Facility
Though ‘counselling’ and 'psychotherapy' are used interchangeably, psychotherapy is a more intense process involving multiple modalities for a longer duration with deeper
goals. HTH uses a complete spectrum of analysis & application based tools. These tried & tested tools better the way in which relationships, communication & emotional stamina are managed. HTH provides Personal Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Pre marital & Marriage Counselling, Mindset Make overs, Youth Mentoring, Family Therapy, Career Counselling and Corporate Coaching. They are open six days a week.

“At HTH, we help our clients declutter complex emotions & convert problems into concrete solutions,” says Dr. Aman (heading New Initiatives & Youth Mentoring Projects at the Centre). “Through our various counselling services, we’re looking to be varied with our offerings, as we are fully aware of the needs of all sections of society,” explains Dr. Rajan.

At HTH, we help our clients declutter complex emotions & convert problems into concrete solutions

Teaching Real Counselling
HTH trains 500+ individuals per year. Most psychology post graduates lack the systematic & practical skills required to counsel confidently, as their curriculum is largely theory based, which is why so many students flock to HTH for practical hands on training and real experience in counselling. With pseudosciences & unproven alternative methods creeping into the growing Indian market, HTH is proud to offer Certificate Training in therapy modalities recognized by the World Health Organization ~ Active directive (REBT), Non-directive (Robert Carkhuff Model) & Analytical (Transactional Analysis). On completing all three Trainings, a Diploma in Integrative Counselling is awarded.

“In our effort to keep counselling training contemporary, we have introduced a film based continuing education initiative called HTH Therapy Theatre, that provokes therapeutic discussions in a fun yet comprehensive way,” adds Dr. Aman. The HTH Counsellor’s Study Circle is the first-of-its-kind initiative in India to promote excellence in counselling, where counsellors will receive expert guidance from Dr. Minnu.

Bespoke Corporate Projects
Dr. Aman leads the youth & corporate consultancy wing at HTH ~ Heart to Heart Youth Works. He specializes in helping teams across small, medium and large organizations by designing bespoke workshops on Creative Thinking, Team Bonding, Leadership Hacks, Workplace Politics and Change Management. Dr. Aman also takes-on corporate projects and is a convention speaker, where he talks on a range of subjects like Behaviour Hacking through Transactional Analysis, Cultural Sensitivity, Communication & Relationship Management, Anger Management, Stress Alleviation and Mental Health. This vast array of workshops & trainings have been receiving regular invites from all across the world.