Healthkon: Delivering Healthcare to the Under served Communities in the Developing World

Pranay Garg,  Founder

Pranay Garg


Contemporary healthcare delivery is structured around physical interaction between the Doctor and patient, be it in clinics or hospitals and in their overall approach, continues to be excessively provider centric and rarely address the needs of the patient beyond the clinical perspective. Additionally, primary healthcare delivery remains woefully inadequate for the underserved communities, particularly in rural areas. 98 percent of doctors reside in semiurban or urban areas necessitating more than 45 percent of the rural population to commute distances between 7-28 KM’s to reach a qualified Doctor. The huge gap for access to primary healthcare needs to be bridged, thereby impacting the health outcome of many mil¬lions, globally. Healthkon positions itself as a Digital Health Enabler to providers delivering healthcare to the underserved communities in the developing world. It has been recognized as instrumental in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and achieving universal health coverage(UHC).

Healthkon’s startup journey began in Nov 2015 when Pranay Garg, the founder decided to quit a corporate

Healthkon has Healthcare providers in underserved regions to enhance delivery radius thereby increasing coverage

job with a fortune 100 company, with a goal of touching a billion lives through health tech delivery. The Telemedicine firm endeavors to impact health outcome using technology at the core of their offering. Healthkon mission is to ensure accessible healthcare delivery to the under served communities across the developing world. “We provide solutions for effective and efficient delivery such as SMART Point of Care devices that can help monitor and diagnose both acute and chronic phases of Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases. The Internet and Communication Technology enabled Telehealth modules that can help plug and play remote Doctor Consultation via telemedicine. Additionally, Healthkon has various SDK/API tools to enable Digital Health enhancements. Healthkon specializes in Digital Health,Healthcare Delivery, Primary Healthcare, and Continuum of care, SMART Medical Devices, Telehealth, Telemedicine, and inclinic experience. The organization aims to achieve this through an inclinic experience to the remote patient and Doctor, SMART monitoring and diagnostic devices, EHR/EMR,Enhanced outreach for accessibility, ICT based Telemedicine Solutions and Accessible Specialist opinion and first level screening,” says Pranay Garg.
Healthkon has Healthcare providers in underserved regions to enhance delivery radius thereby increasing coverage. The telemedicine firm also has various Insurance Companies as their client as they increase their subscriber base by consuming Digital Health solutions for screening their clientele. The firms currently have distributor agreements in East and West Africa and are looking to establishing footholds in SE Asia and South Africa. The organization also has Corporate and Governments clients in developing nations. “We have designed our solutions as such that the client’s data is not unnecessarily diverged. Our solutions are cloud based we use internet communication technology to bridge the gap through tele medicine. We make sure that our solutions are complied with all policy in terms of the IT policy and in terms of keep up following guidelines or patient confidentiality. We don't keep any information on our server. This is basically how we provide the solution to the provider to keep the data as per the regulation,” added Pranay.

Healthkon’s Digital Health solutions are currently being deployed across 400 urban PHCs spanning 3 states with one of the bigger providers in the Telehealth space. Being only a three years old company Healthkon has a very good revenue growth year on year. The telemedicine firm aspires to increase its revenue and clients in the years to come. Healthkon’s also envisions aligning with the WHO vision of Digital Health to promote healthy lives and well being for everyone, everywhere, at all ages.