Healtheoz - Treading On The Most Important Patient Segment

Dr. Rajesh Sanghi,   Managing Director

Dr. Rajesh Sanghi, Managing Director

Healthcare is shifting from a delivery to a patient experience focus. In the transition patient engagement has reached micro levels of segments. Here’s a company that very diligently landed on the most important patient community of human beings as a society- the expecting mothers. Healtheoz is a Patient Engagement Platform which offers engagement and guidance through their products HMom, HConnect and HDoc. The products facilitate pre and post visit communications and dissemination of the care instructions. HMom is a medical app and comprehensive pregnancy management platform. It caters to various care and engagement needs of a pregnant woman. The USP of the product is its AI powered chatbot named ‘Jessica’.

To Expecting Moms' Rescue
HMom allows the expecting mother to be in constant contact, online and offline, with a verified doctor. Through the App she can use services like appointment booking, chat session with a doctor and view her past prescriptions and records. She can also connect with other women in similar situation through social groups and be in constant connect with the Healtheoz Care Coordinators. A care plan feature enables her own gynecologist to design a daily routine. The application also allows risk profiling allowing the patient’s doctor to carefully examine and understand the risks that might affect the patient during her delivery, and carefully prepare the plan accordingly. A social media feature, as mentioned above, lets the expecting mothers to communicate and share their experience with other expecting mothers who are in the same trimester. The application also allows the patient to maintain and save all the consultation records in a digitized format. The MyDiary section in the application allows her to write all her daily experiences about how she feels and what’s happening in her life on a daily basis.
The system log is another impressive feature that enables the expecting mother to record and log the daily symptoms which can be shown to her online doctor. More so, the mother can use the healthcare section to count the number of baby kicks and monitor her hypertension levels, contractions levels and blood sugar levels. With a dietician, nutritionist and a physiotherapist, Healtheoz allows the pregnant patient to get the extra care that she requires in the crucial time of her life. The exercise panel provides live exercise demos. One of the most important features of HMom is that the expecting mother can export all her data that she records between intervals of her each visit to the gynecologist.

Exceptional AI Engine at Work
The AI engine in-built in the application constantly monitors the vitals of the pregnant woman. In case of any vital showing abnormality, the app automatically alarms the patient. This is powered by a fitness band provided by Healtheoz along with the application. With such a feature rich application, the expecting mother can avail constant care, engagement, connect and right content 24×7 during her pregnancy and cherish it without any apprehensions.

The AI engine in-built in the application constantly monitors the vitals of the pregnant woman

HConnect & HDoc
At the same time, HConnect is a similar application like that of HMom, except that it is meant for the women who are planning to conceive. A lot is at stake and requires attention even before the woman has conceived. Therefore, HConnect allows such women to reap the benefits of the application by connecting to their online offline verified doctor, logging their consultations and records, sharing their experiences on social media section and managing their prescriptions. Through the App, a user can use services like appointment booking, chat session with a doctor via Audio call, video call, and message. The user can view and upload their past prescriptions and records. Body vitals, symptoms, and medication adherence can be recorded, monitored and shared. The system provides reminders, notifications, and messages on occurrence or omission of any event or activity. Healtheoz’s HDoc is a single and comprehensive online platform which is available on the web and mobile.
The application collaborates various entities in a seamless manner to provide end consumer an enriched experience and improved medical care. HDoc can be the primary system at a doctor’s clinic if no other system is in use and allows doctors to easily manage their profile that a patient sees online. It can manage appointments, prescriptions, group formation and online-consultations and e-Wallet. The Doctor can generate his own profile to be viewed by patients and can socially interact with patients.

Used by Nutritionist and Physiotherapist & Exercise instructors, HDoc is an absolute comfort allowing them to prescribe and monitor diet and exercise information. Medicine, Instructions, Diet and Exercise are input to an automated care plan for a patient. HDoc leverages new age technology to build an advanced integrated health care delivery model, which facilitates seamless online search for nearby and verified doctors, health outreach initiatives, thereby paving the way for enhanced access to medical care.

With 8 IVF centers, 5 Hospitals and more than 50 individual experienced doctors in their portfolio, Healtheoz is standing tall in the online healthcare market. “We haven’t really seen much competition in this segment as this is new and unconquered”, adds Dr. Rajesh Sanghi, Managing Director, Healtheoz. With BE (Hons) from BITS, Pilani and Ph.D. from IIT Madras, Dr. Sanghi is a serial entrepreneur and a mentor to a number of start-ups, with over thirty years of IT Industry experience working in several segments such as Defense, MNCs, Systems Integrators, Telecom solutions provider industry and IT companies including the likes of IBM, Usha Com in a variety of leadership roles. Earlier, he was transformation leader & chief architect for IBM India (Airtel) and awarded the first Asian Recipient of IBM Gerstner Award & Corporate award, both for the first time in Asia Pacific. He is also credited for building the first private STPI in Noida, Logix Park. With such a remarkable leadership, Healtheoz is aimed to further simplify and diminish the gap between patient and doctor.