Health Watch Clinic: A Pioneer in Health and Fitness Services with the Core Ethics of Being Patient-Centric Living

Zubeda Tumbi,FounderKeeping healthy is a normal practice in our society today and to maintain a healthy lifestyle we follow a strict regime on our everyday diet and physical exercises. Therefore, health and fitness services are in high demand in our society, and these services are based on the philosophy of providing holistic nutrition for the patients, wherein most health problems would be solved with a sound balanced diet keeping in mind every person's biochemical parameter. Encouraging good nutritional practices to inculcate a positive attitude towards healthy eating is thus an integral part of the health care management and it is provided at the Health Watch Clinic. DrZubeda Tumbi founded the clinic in 1999 with the core ethics of being patient centric.

She began her career as a senior college lecturer at SVT College of Home Science, SNDT University. With 32 Years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics, she became the pioneer as an independent dietetics counsellor and nutrition consultant in 1999 with Ruby Hospital, Jogeshwari(W), and Kedy Policlinic, Mumbai Central. She won a gold medal at BHSc Nutrition and Dietetics (SNDT University), and MHSc Nutrition and Dietetics (Merit Holder). She also has the NET-SET (UGC) Eligibility for Lectureship and Special Grants from IDRC Canada and Tata Chemicals for PhD. Work on "Effect of Iodized Salt Supplementation on the prevalence of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Pre-Adolescents A Longitudinal Study".

"We at the Health watch Clinic have developed effective therapies and diet plans that are personalized after understanding every individual's nutritional status and disease risk score keeping evidence based practice at the core," Dr. Zubeda explains. The entire paradigm is based on Prevent Protect Reverse to help arrest retard disease and reduce comorbidities to reduce drug requirements.

Health Watch Clinic offers weight management for disease prevention and fat loss with a keen objective of building muscle and bone health. It also offers metabolic disease management, bone health, and diet, diet for gynecological misbalance, diet for kidney disease along with diet for all age groups, and many more.(This should be framed better. It should be framed in a manner where we can state the health problems) "We help our patients to understand their body types and the correct diet that suits them to attain the best fitness form. We also help them in disease reversal by reducing drug usage, increasing endurance and stamina, and follow sustainable weight management with healthy food habits," Dr. Zubeda further adds.

Success of our health management is based on To Empower And Educate With The Right Information

While detailing the methodologies used by the clinic, she also said that it provides individual intensive counseling to help inculcate a healthy relationship of the body with food. Social media platforms are used for patient education by providing them access to healthy recipes for everyday living, building on diet diversity and nutrition density. It also conducts fortnightly body composition checks and biochemical tests to observe the change that builds self-confidence among the patients. Dr. Zubeda is also a Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Home Science Association of India, Thyroid Association of India, Protein Foods Association of India, and Association of Advancing Research in Obesity, IAPEN India, etc.

"Success of our health management is based on to empower and educate with the right information. We guide our patients with persuasive counseling techniques to build their confidence that his/her body will revive and get out of the imbalance to a stronger body type,"she defines. She also mentioned that the clinic would offer open global consultation to all countries including corporate plans on the diet, health, and fitness and the ten-week fitness challenge introduced in June'21.