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  • 10 Most Promising Dieticians and Nutritionists Mumbai - 2021

    The growing awareness that the indiscriminate food intake can lead to debilitating ailments which will adversely affect our well-being and productivity is opening wide opportunities for dieticians and nutritionists. With the changing lifestyle the job opportunities are abundant for Dieticians and Nutritionists in hospitals, health clubs, airlines, schools, hotels and spas as well as food and pharma companies. The opportunities are plenty as everyone has started to be highly conscious of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, due to increasing lifestyle diseases, overweight and many other health issues. A career in diet and nutrition is complex and multifaceted. It is a science that investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to food and diet and the role of nutrients...

10 Most Promising Dieticians and Nutritionists Mumbai - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aharshakti Aharshakti Ankush Bhatia,Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Health & nutrition coaching that introduces a long term and sustainable healthy lifestyle through natural and real foods
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aharayogam Aharayogam Dr. Anita Gupta, Founder A provider of scientifically designed food therapies according to body chemistry for weight loss, weight gain, nutritional disorders and metabolic disorders
Dr. Vidushi Agrawal Dr. Vidushi Agrawal Dr. Vidushi Amarnath Agrawal, Founder Offers solutions for healthy heart, diabetic diet, PCOD diet, immunity increasing diet, obesity diet, navratri diet, and courses in nutrition
Geeta Shenoy Geeta Shenoy Geeta Shenoy, Founder Facilitating solutions for sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy,hormonal imbalance and weight management
Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi, Dietitian & Nutritionist Solving challenging health problems with weight loss, obesity, weight gain, PCOS, sports nutritionist and providing diet for diseases like cancer, diabetes and more
Health Watch Clinic Health Watch Clinic Zubeda Tumbi, Founder Delivering health and fitness services in clinical nutrition, diet consulting, corporate training for health and wellness programmes
Rejoice Wellness Rejoice Wellness Dr. Asmita Sawe, Managing Director Offering solutions for fat management, skin management, laser hair reduction, diet & nutrition consulting and homeopathic detoxification
Rujuta Diwekar Rujuta Diwekar Rujuta Diwekar, Founder Offers programmes in wellness holidays, fitness programmes and consultations for malnourished children
Shilpa Joshi Shilpa Joshi Shilpa Joshi, RD Providing nutrition planning, training, corporate programmes, insulin resistance, personalized nutrition and gluten sensitivity
Thriive.in Thriive.in Neha Suryawanshi, Dietician Expert solutions include weight management, diabetes management, PCOS management, heart disease management, thyroid management & sport nutrition and many more