Healing Touch Clinic: Integrating Modern Technology with Experience to Achieve Fruitful Results

As life expectancies climb, people expect to not only live longer, but to also live more active and productive lives. Effective orthopedics treatments can meet these expectations by granting patients full mobility & durability. For an orthopedic surgery to serve for an extended period of time, it should possess biomechanical compatibility, osseointegration biocompatibility, high corrosion and wear resistance. Considering all these factors, while building the treatment plans for its patients is Healing Touch Clinic. Backed by an experienced team, Healing Touch uses cutting-edge techniques to offer orthopedics treatments with superior longevity and biocompatibility. For instance, its golden knee replacement surgery is a blessing for patients with metal allergy. With titanium niobium nitride (TiNiN) coating that acts as a barrier between the skin and metal, this allergy-proof (better biocompatibility) surgery is specially offered to obese & younger patients, due to its improved longevity of up to 35 years & durability.

To provide evidence-based treatment & eliminate the untoward effects during the treatment, Healing Touch’s doctors understand the patient’s history & perform physical examinations and accordingly plan the treatment. For instance, while dealing with complex cases it leverages 3D printing technology to make a 3D model of the bone & joint and pre-plan the surgical procedure based on that. Following the orthopaedic evaluation, besides using knee & joint preservation techniques like physiotherapy, hyaluronic acid injections & PRP injections to treat diseases like bone fracture, arthritis & osteoporosis, Healing Touch uses customized knee instruments for partial & full knee replacement.
Dr. Raju Vaishya,Senior Consultant - Orthopedic

Dr. Raju Vaishya

Senior Consultant - Orthopedic

To provide evidence-based treatment & eliminate the untoward effects during the treatment, Healing Touch’s doctors understand the patient’s history & perform physical examinations and accordingly plan the treatment

It also offers orthoscopic surgery, wherein it restores the damaged cartilage by microfracture, myoplastic, and cartilage transplantation. Furthermore, Healing Touch caters to patients suffering from neck & back problems like spondylitis, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal pains like frozen shoulder, and sports injuries of all types that include alignment & meniscal injuries.

The Legacy

The clinic is run by highly qualified & experienced professionals like Dr. Raju Vaishya (Senior Consultant – Orthopedic) who has over 32 years of experience in orthopaedics, and 300 scientific publications to his name, and Dr. Afzal & Dr. Nadeem with 15+ years of experience in physiotherapy. Moreover, renowned medical consultants, Dr. Rajiv Gupta & Dr. Rajiv Shetty visit the clinic every week and maximise the efficiency of healthcare delivery.
Healing Touch’s doctors perform inpatient treatment in the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, which is a few steps away from it. “To ensure better patient care and to eliminate any ounce of doubt or trouble patients have, the patients can reach us anytime,” adds Dr. Raju.

Beyond Bones

At Healing Touch, Dr. Pallavi runs ante-natal classes (Lamaze) for pregnant ladies wherein she gives advice, supports & teaches safe exercises throughout pregnancy to facilitate them achieve natural childbirth. These classes include audio-visual aids & also sessions for expecting fathers. She also provides diet counselling related to various disorders and exercise sessions for weight loss.

This 2000-founded clinic has grown quite steadily and aims to incorporate all the treatment modalities and buy the latest 3D printing machine. Registered with the Medical Council of India, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and Delhi Pollution Control Board, Healing Touch has an aesthetically pleasing design that is in sharp contrast to the sterile white walls of typical medical centres and allures patients & their families to stay longer just for the fun of it! Situated in a very prime location in south Delhi, the clinic is very approachable by road, metro & public transport, and is equipped with a huge parking lot.