Heal n Hale Spiritual Healing Center: An Ultimate Destination a Complete Body &Soul Healing

Dr. RL Rajah,  CEOSometimes in life we encounter things that disturb our inner feeling, block our happy existence and brew sadness inside. Sometimes we even don’t understand our own behavior or the way we do things. It makes us depressed, anxious leading to unhappiness. Added to this is the constant fear we live under, leading to insecurity and manifesting in to diseases viz Migraine, IBS, Depression, back pain, digestive disorders et al. These pestilences are mainly psychological and hence can be cured only with the combination of medicines & therapies. Faster than any other therapies, transpersonal regression therapy can change patterns and deep feelings in us and enhance our life.

Chennai-based Heal n Hale Spiritual Healing Center is the ultimate destination for experiencing different spiritual therapies viz Hypno/Transpersonal regression therapy, Chakra/Pranic Healing, Acupuncture(Sujok and TCM Body) and Bach Flower Therapy, which
lead one self towards highly productive and fulfilling life. “Our center is probably the only place where different alternative therapies are practiced under one roof by very experienced and committed therapists,” proclaims Dr. RL Rajah, CEO, Heal n Hale.

"At Heal n Hale, the therapy starts with Chakra healing to ensure clients’ system is cleansed & energized to receive the therapy"

Merging their diverse backgrounds, Dr. Rajah, Padma Kumar and Kavitha Shankar (Healers & friends) fuse different perspectives into a seamless union. Dr. Rajah’s integrated knowledge of Hypno
/Regression therapies combined with Padma’s and Kavitha’s keen interest to expand benefits of various healing processes among present populace offers a solid foundation to their team work. This unique combination of Trios aids clients in managing their pain from frozen shoulders, asthma, arthritis, phobias, bossitis, addictions, insomnia, migraine and et al. Being ever enthusiastic explorers and perspicacious learners, the Trio offer an effective concoction of therapy and coaching as well as training.

Stress Free Life
Regression therapy is all about releasing the unresolved and undigested stuff from the sub-conscious(SC) mind. This 2014 founded spiritual healing center, Heal n Hale believes that SC
section is the ‘know all’ of the mind and every single incident is stored in the SC, hence the clinic works on the basic principle of "for every physiological issue the root cause is psychological’. “We take clients back in their life, assist them to identify the triggers(current and past lives) and release the same. The current life triggers are mostly Inner Children(IC),” adds Dr.Rajah.

At Heal n Hale, the therapy starts with Chakra healing to ensure clients’ system is cleansed & energized to receive the therapy and each client is briefed about entire process and their healing method. Rather than just addressing symptoms of diseases, these spiritual therapies go deeper in to the issues and don’t engender any side effect on the client’s body or mind. After completing successful session at the center, individual starts feeling renewed energy and joy of living of themselves and their loved ones. From Stressful to Joyful. Besides, the clinic maintains world-class hygiene standards and uses fresh paper sheets on the therapy chair for every client.

This non-commercial organization collects fees only from those who can afford it whereas collected money is used against clinic’s monthly maintenance charges (rentals, power and housekeeping). “Heal n Hale is established with a vision to make living a peaceful experience for fellow human beings and we don’t take anything home from Heal n Hale,” concludes Dr. Rajah.