Happiness Infinite Solutions: Driving People Towards Happiness

Jwalant Swaroop, Founder & CEO
Jwalant Swaroop, Founder & CEO

While health and happiness are always equated and rightfully so, a healthy body does not always mean a happy person. Holistic health of a person is sum total of physical, emotional and mental well being. As per a WHO report, close to 57 million Indians are affected by emotional disorders like depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, lone liness and others, which lead to multiple complications as these interfere with a person’s abilities to do daily chores, manage a career,have healthy interpersonal relationships and are cause of many physical health issues as well. Sometimes the outcome can be drastic. Hence, the need for a consultancy for Happiness is the calling of the day.

Happy HO,headquartered in Delhi,is fast gaining reputation as the ‘Emotional Wellbeing destination’. Its solutions and therapies enable awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings and emotions and effectively manage them in the long run. While Healing therapies are offered to improve emotional wellbeing, Happy HO also provides tools and services that not only help one overcome emotional trauma, but also provide
emotional stability. Jwalant Swaroop, Founder & CEO, Happiness Infinite expresses, “We believe that every person deserves to be happy. There is no way; one can stop challenges from coming in life due to internal as well as external reasons. We offer a helping hand that enables a person in dealing with challenges and emerging a happier person in life.”

"We have comprehensive programs and exercises, which help employees, achieve sustained happiness–in turn making the organization a happy place to work"

The organization has a series of programs and initiatives that cater to individuals, as well as corporate programs that cater to an entire organization. Talking about corporate services, Jwalant expresses, “Unhappy people cannot deliver to their best,and that influences the organization culture as well performance. Hence, we have comprehensive programs and exercises, which help employees, achieve sustained happiness–in turn making the organization a happy place to work. In case there are cases that need personal healing therapies, we facilitate that too”.

A unique service that Happy HO offers is setting up a Happiness Lab at the client office. This Lab has a two-pronged approach,programs that cater to the organisation’s emotional wellbeing at large and one-on-one sessions with employees who are looking for answers and solutions to their emotional problems.Another direction in
which Happiness Infinite is taking big steps is in the direction of emotional health of college going youth. It is collaborating with educational institutes who are keen to help students with emotional issues and also believe in creating emotionally healthy college environments.

On the individual level too, Happy HO offers a number of therapies and services. However,as Swaroop puts it,“We have a number of therapies, but our programs are tailor made to an individual’s emotional state, reasons behind it,and his/her support systems.” As to how does one know that it takes time to seek help, he expresses, “Being continuously tired and stressed, having a low self-esteem, unhappy relationships, indifferent to work, body aches with no physical health issues, drowsiness, lack of sleep are some of the manifestations, but there are many others too. There is no harm in reaching for help in case a person is feeling unhappy for four-days consecutively. Family too should take immediate action if they notice something amiss.”

With its vision of enabling positive change, Happiness Infinite is all set to revolutionize the perception of psychological and emotional well being in India, thus driving people towards happiness.Happiness Infinite by its Happiness studios namely Happy Ho offers over20 programs, healings and therapies for individuals that encompass traditional Indian sciences to latest positive psychology solutions. Its corporate services comprise of group programs as well individual therapies.