H3U Smart Healthcare: Pioneer of Digital & Cashless Exchange for OPD Healthcare

Vitthal Beriwala, Director
Vitthal Beriwala, Director

Decreased long-term costs, increased productivity, and improved employee satisfaction are just some of the benefits that come with a healthy workforce. Providing a platform that enables clients to connect with a host of wellness services and products for creating such workforce, Gurugram-based company H3U has been the pioneer in recognizing the need of wellness in corporate environments. H3U is a unit of Vipul Medcare, an organization specialized in health management products & services for corporate clientele apart from other healthcare relatedbusinesses such as international TPAs, retail healthcare, medical tourism and others. As such, H3U now leads the charter to shape one of India’s first Digital Cashless Exchange for OPD Health Insurance. Today, H3U Smart Healthcare has a strong presence in over 1000 cities with 10,000 plus service providers and giving services to 200 corporate clients that includes GSK, Spice Jet, NIIT, Pearson India, FIS for different wellness services.

The Digital OPD Product in a Single Platform
Vanquishing the challenges faced in conventional OPD systems, H3U’s first-of-its-kind DigitalOPD
product provides solution for the huge OPD out of pocket expenses, which are not taken care of by most insurance or Govt. schemes. Providing each individual user with a customized solution, the product offers cashless OPD consultation and preventive health checkups in most seamless way and discounts on its large network of 10,000 providers including Diagnostic centers, Pharmacies, Hospitals& wellness centers. Convenient for scheduling appointment of customers on real-time basis, this arrangement saves a lot of time and inconvenience of clients in searching a quality provider near them.

"H3U has negotiated market leading discounts with its network providers on OPD services and transfers this benefit to customers"

As far as affordability and reliability are concerned, H3U has negotiated market leading discounts with its network providers on OPD services and transfers this benefit to customers, which helps in reducing the amount spent on out of pocket expenses for availing medical services. Moreover, this platform offers a bouquet of other value-added services such as highly discounted(up to 40 percent) preventive Health Checkup through its network of 5000 top diagnostic centers in 400+ cities county wide. The services also include Telephonic and Online Medical Opinions live chat with doctor, electronic medical record management & more. Besides enabling customers to keep a track of lifestyle changes and be timely informed with user-friendly tools like smoke meter,
salt meter, BMI calculator and health risk analysis questionnaire, the platform also connects with a host of wellness products and services, including organizing diagnostic tests /appointments with health care providers, organizing medicines via cashless or discounted payment mode, track and log patients’ health data, analyse health data to recommend medical treatments and lifestyle advises, and related activities.

H3U’s MedHealth check Diagnostic Package provides all its members with benefits including home sample collection across India that provides auto-upload facility of medical reports. No wonder, the efforts have been widely accoladed in the third conference of ASSOCHAM on ‘Health Security for All’in July 2018.

An Array of Corporate Wellness Programs
Additionally,H3U organizes theme-based health events on campuses with a focus on women health, stress management, nutrition, physical activity, specialized care for life style diseases for better corporate wellness environments. Such services are provided under one-stop-destination for all corporate e-wellness services with 24x7 online assistance, personalized access, health checkups, online opinions including psychologist consultations, medical record storage and other features that needs to be integrated to make it a one-stop-wellness destination for any employee. All smart healthcare products and initiatives of H3U make them exceptional, standing and running successfully in the market since last five years.