GrowAyu: Enhancing Medical Compliance between Healthcare Seekers & Providers through its Connected Healthcare Platform

Sai Kumar Jayanty,Co-Founder & CEO

Sai Kumar Jayanty

Co-Founder & CEO

India will be the youngest nation by 2020. However, the Harvard School of Public Health presents a grim scenario, indicating financial losses close to $6.2 trillion in India for the period 2012-30 due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs),in the age group of 30-70 years. This loss can be attributed to disconnect between healthcare seekers and medical experts. Working across the present haphazard medical structure, Bangalore based healthcare platform GrowAyu is bringing healthcare seekers and providers under one umbrella, efficiently improving engagement between the stakeholders. A brainchild of co-founders Sai Kumar Jayanty and Ravi Venkataratna, GrowAyu is enabling democratization of healthcare through its Connected Healthcare platform. It has adopted the 4C ideology of cost efficient engagement & connection of healthcare providers to the seeker’s doorstep, a convenient online access to healthcare services, and context awareness that assists both seekers and providers in making informed medical decisions irrespective of time and location.

Grow Ayu leverages the tremendous growth in consumer technologies that has made users seek more convenience, ease of access and simplicity in interactions. The platforms unique feature called 'My Circle'enables a healthcare seeker to formulate his/her personalized
comprehensive health management that includes doctors, diagnostic labs, home healthcare service providers, medical insurance, pharmacy and more. It is available on online & mobile platforms, and complements chat & video conferencing. This arrangement creates a win-win situation where the seeker gets personalized medical assistance while the other stakeholders get to build their customer base.“GrowAyu gives individuals the experience and comfort of taking care of their health at their convenience, while enhancing the role of trusted quality healthcare providers,” states the duo.

GrowAyu gives individuals the experience and comfort of taking care of their health at their convenience, while enhancing the role of trusted quality healthcare providers

Technology is Thy Friend

A survey released by Fifth Healthcare Access Summit last year states that around 80 percent of doctors reside in urban areas, serving only 28 percent of the population. Addressing this demand-supply gap, GrowAyu has

Ravi Venkataratna , Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
extended its remote consultation facility in a Hub & Node model for specialist hospitals and doctors to set up virtual peripheral centers in Tier-2 & 3 cities/towns to help seekers in those remote locations where access to specialist medical aid is an ordeal. Additionally, GrowAyu has partnered with the Association of Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeons of India (AOMSI) to set up Onco logiC, a virtual tumor board for Head & Neck cancer treatment (launched this May). This platform enables surgeons from all over the country to seek and receive a multi-disciplinary approach based treatment plan recommendation for their patients suffering from oral cancer, from a panel of experts identified by the Association. This is expected to help several thousands of patients from all over the country, especially from remote areas, get access to better cancer treatment, giving the oncology care in India a much needed boost.

Emphasising on Security

The perils of data theft and loss make users sceptic about divulging their sensitive medical data on a virtual platform. Grow Ayu mitigates such apprehensions by encrypting the records before storing in the AWS while the two step authentication secures the health records from unauthorized access through the device. Sai further elucidates, “A seeker can share any of his/her health records with a doctor, only as part of the appointment being booked and not in any other way”.

In addition to strengthening its current sales strategy, GrowAyu plans on incorporating AI that would provide a healthcare seeker,an omnipresent virtual health assistant, and on taking the verticals deeper with vertical specific capabilities, concludes the duo.