Grow Fit: Taking Friction Out of Health

Jyotsna Pattabiraman,  Founder & CEO.

Jyotsna Pattabiraman

Founder & CEO.

According to WHO, over six million lives are lost in India every year due to lifestyle diseases, and around 300 million people are living with or are at risk of contracting them. While the problem may prove too large for the medical system to address, support is at hand with organizations like Grow Fit. Grow Fit believes in empowering Indians to prevent, and in many cases, reverse lifestyle disease by addressing its root causes: nutrition, mental wellness, stress, sleep and activity. This is done through a combination of data science, expert advice and product/solutions.

Started by Jyotsna Pattabiraman(Founder & CEO) in September 2015, the company addresses the prevention of lifestyle diseases at a personalised level for its subscribers, using behavioural insights and medical expertise. Grow Fit is a comprehensive health companion offering expert advice (via a mobile app) as well as therapeutic and functional foods. Through the mobile app, users can connect with trained therapists, clinical nutritionists and experienced cosmetologists to discover customised solutions that are right for their health
profile.Grow Fit’s chat subscription revenue has been doubling month on month and their food subscription by over 5x. They have created over 60,000 diet charts till date.

Grow Fit uses a combination of artificial intelligence and Big Data to identify customer patterns and match customers with the strategy that is best for them

Beyond advice

Armed with relevant information and statistics, Grow Fit not only educates people on how to eat healthy and exercise right, but also formulates foods that can help prevent lifestyle diseases. Grow Fit is the only comprehensive mobile health solution provider going beyond advice to its actual implementation. Recognizing that nutrition has a key role to play in addressing and reversing lifestyle disease, Grow Fit has formulated foods that have been shown to improve health metrics significantly in a matter of weeks.

Besides generic plans that work according to a person's BMI, the dedicated team of nutritionists, chefs and health experts at Grow Fit also specializes in planning customized products at an individual level based on daily routine, work pattern, and current health condition. The company uses a celebrity hook to connect with people on a 24X7 platform and figure out what changes they could bring in to their life styles
for achieving enhanced fitness.

Grow Fit’s fresh foods are targeted at the urban professional or homemaker and aim to fuel healthy lifestyles and reverse lifestyle diseases for them. The staples (packaged foods) are shipped across India and are meant for people that want to make healthy nutrition a practice for the entire family.

Using Technology To Deliver Solutions

Grow Fit uses a combination of artificial intelligence and Big Data to identify customer patterns and match customers with the strategy that is best for them. “Our mHealth solution helps us to reach maximum people, stay in touch with customers over the entire course of their plan (varies from 7-30 days), provide customised and flexible diet-chart, and monitor their progress,” asserts Jyotsna. This simple and easy to use chat-based app is a one-stop destination integrating every aspect of wellness, from medical reports to wearable, and has been tremendously well adapted by both the urban and rural population with over 150,000 subscribers.

A Promising Future

Grow Fit intends to become a comprehensive daily health companion. The company has also, in addition to the nutrition counselling and fresh and packaged foods, launched skin and hair health packages designed to keep up with today's life style. The company wishes to integrate different sources of data from wearable technology and medical reports in order to make the app a one-stop, comprehensive companion for wellness.