Gem3s Technologies: Supplementing Traditional Healthcare through Systematized Telemedicine Services

M Michael Allwyn,Co-Founder & Director - Business Operations

M Michael Allwyn

Co-Founder & Director - Business Operations

Telemedicine is remodeling healthcare by enabling patients to consult doctors in ways never thought possible. Alongside, the need for a dependable platform for the storage and useful manipulation of the patient healthcare data, with added options for appointment scheduling, insurance billing, and interoperability has been on the rise. Gem3s Technologies, a Chennai-based software company, constructs customized telemedicine platforms for hospitals, urgent care facilities and medical practitioners of various sizes, attending the pressing needs of the segment. As a white-labeled SaaS product with application and web versions where patients consult doctors by messaging or secured video, Gem3s’ platform can be presented to its users as an in-house product of the health institution.

An Essential Add-on to Conventional Healthcare
The process of adopting Gem3s’ solutions is utterly simple that any healthcare institution can sign up for and have telemedicine services operational within a week. In addition, the platform is capable of supporting multiple doctors /facilities without large investments for its installation, making it possible for multi-
specialty hospitals or a group of hospitals to adopt the solution without a hitch. Systematizing the collection of patients’ healthcare data, the platform can be integrated with EHR/EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record) and with the added attribute of interoperability, the data can be accessed from varying systems. Gem3s has also paid special attention to the connectivity obstacles in India and has tailored the platform to perform fairly well in a standard 3G connection.

Once the contact is made,the app lists out the detailed medical history of the patient, while also unraveling his/her present medical status and daily habits

The continuity of healthcare is never disrupted, as the platform is built for the follow-up of consultation and medication. The patient and doctor utilize two different apps, in which either of the parties can perform a search for consultation. Once the contact is made, the app lists out the detailed medical history of the patient, while also unraveling his/her present medical status and daily habits. Enabling the doctor to perform easy diagnosis and prescribe sequential medication from the point of interruption, the patient has the liberty to update the health information at the start of every consultation. In effect, the platform is a much needed addendum for conventional healthcare as it supports and complements the functioning of hospitals. “We have built our
service in such a way that it supports brick and mortar institutions,”says M Michael Allwyn, Co-Founder & Director – Business Operations, Gem3s Technologies.

Reflecting the company’s eagerness to restrict its provisions to what is needed and to avoid unnecessary utilities, Gem3s unravels its products as MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) by adhering to the elementary. Thereafter, the products are upgraded progressively with reference to the customer feedback and thus, the three major keystones of Gem3s’ operation are: customer centric approach, incremental model of development, and user driven development. HIPAA and PCI compliances create a trustable and secure platform for client data with enhanced payment security while HL7v2 and HL7v3 healthcare standards regulate the transfer of clinical and administrative data between software applications. Gem3s also assists doctors to employ ICD 10 coding for diagnosis and CPT codes for medical procedures with greater ease by furnishing them on the digital platform.

The company which was bootstrapped by a group of friends with an initial investment of Rs.5000 has now grown to handle transactions close to Rs.1 crore ever year, and has plans to ramp up its growth rate further. Gem3s has taken up challenging tasks from clients worldwide such as for Teryag Oasis Co. in Saudi Arabia, and Mobile Telemedical of U.S. The company is presently working on medical device integrations and KIOSK development for the platform, while improving the interoperability and portability of health data across systems.