Geeta Shenoy's Nutrition & Wellness Clinic: One-Stop Consulting Point for Healthy Diet and Healthy Life

Geeta Shenoy,Consultant Dietician & Nutritionist

Geeta Shenoy

Consultant Dietician & Nutritionist

Nutrition & health have become the most important aspect of today’s modern life. People are now becoming more aware of wellness and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. In the past ten years, the market for nutrition consultations has developed rapidly, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak. Covid afflicted individuals and their families were quickly made aware of the value of healthy eating, a healthy weight, and immunity. According to estimates, the Indian medical nutrition market will be worth US$ 404.1 million in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8.6 percent during the projected period (2021-2028). The main factors influencing these industries are the rise in obesity and heart disease, PCOD, fertility problems, public awareness raised by social media and the internet, and the diet program accessibility and affordability thanks to online consultations and e-clinics. This industry has drawn several private businesses that promise improved diet plans. Established in 2007, Geeta Shenoy’s is a renowned and experienced Mumbai-based Medical Nutritionist and Diet and Fitness, Consultant.

The founder of Geeta Shenoy was personally affected by the dearth of accessible dieticians and the general lack of nutrition understanding among medical professionals, which gave rise to the idea for her own establishment. The majority of dieticians worked for medical practitioners or hospitals, while a few private dieticians mainly served the upper class.
Geeta Shenoy’s Nutrition & Wellness clinic is all about Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) applied to resolve various nutrition-related problems with the help of evidence-based knowledge, at the same time designing a perfectly practical diet program that is sustainable and result oriented.

Geeta Shenoy showcases a wide range of products and services. “We offer Weight management, Diabetes control programs, Heart & Renal Disease and Hypertension control programs Child & Pregnancy Nutrition, Nutrigenomic Diets, Preventive Nutrition, Fertility & PCOD control programs, and Sports Nutrition. We provide customized diet plans, and exercise plans according to their body types; there are no marketing gimmicks or gadgets used, and the diet regimes are easy and scheduled as per the client’s preferences”, says Geeta.

We dwell deep into his/her medical & nutritional history, biochemical parameters, food habits/ dislikes, work & travel schedule, and more, to prepare an MNT plan for a client

Geeta Shenoy, who has over 32 years of broad and varied expertise in the field of nutrition, is the founder of Geeta Shenoy's Nutrition & Wellness clinic. After earning her postgraduate diploma in dietetics at IHMCTAN in Mumbai, she worked as a senior dietician & diabetic educator for several hospitals and MNCs. She ran several patient and paramedical education programmes throughout India. She invested a lot of time and effort in learning new things and gaining diverse professional experiences, such as patient education, health lectures, hospital & ICU workings, authoring medical material, paramedical workshops and more. She is a Certified Nutrigenomic Counsellor and a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association. She was formerly associated with S.L Raheja Hospital, LifeScan J&J & BD India, and Abbott Diabetes Care. She has More than 4000 clients catered to by Nutrition & Wellness Clinic and genuine testimonials are available on Google, Practo, & Zest MD websites.

Future Roadmap
The nutrition and wellness clinic is unquestionably focused on achieving growth and expansion, particularly in the areas of digitization, nutri genomics, and training. Nutrition & Wellness clinic would certainly desire aspiring dieticians to continue their medical nutrition education and broaden their professional chances with the company. Its vision is to give a suitable health goal to every individual, a structured pathway, and a healthy lifestyle that can enhance their nutritional status and bring in a sense of well being.