Futuris Healthcare LLP: Distributes Life science and Biotech products for the Research and Clinical Sector Across India

Sameer Ahmad Chiloo, Managing Director,& Gowhar Nabi Wani, Director

Sameer Ahmad Chiloo, Managing Director

& Gowhar Nabi Wani, Director

Biotech products for research and different clinical needs are one of the core areas of the healthcare sector today which is supplied by a few healthcare traders. Futuris Healthcare LLP is one such trading vertical which distributes Life science and Biotech products for the research and clinical sector.Established in March 2015, it is positioned in Mumbai and authorized as distributors for MiltenyiBiotec, Germany, Cell-Systems USA, Celartia USA, Chromatrap UK, NKMAX, Korea, Byonoy, Germany, Logos Biosystems, Korea, Blue Ray Biotech, Taiwan, etc.

“We also have our healthcare services vertical under the brand ‘Healing Cups’ and ‘Beyond the Scale’ which provides alternative therapies for overcoming lifestyle diseases like diabetes,hypertension, obesity, and thyroid related issues. We have transformed lives of over 1000 patients by providing a 360* holistic approach, thereby enabling them to over come their mental, physical and social challenges tolead a healthy, worry free& an active lifestyle.” Says Gowhar Nabi Wani, the Director, who is a trained and certified Cupping therapist, Diabetes Educator, NLP mentor and a Life Coach.

It is an import driven distribution firm and it meticulously chooses its principles. All its products are based on the highest quality and world class services. It occupies around 85% of the Magnetic Cell Separation market in India and the Cell Biology products are used by top research institutes all over India. “Our focus is mainly in the Cell Biology and Immunology based products and we establish ourselves as a new entrant in this market focused on Cell based products,”
Sameer Ahmad Chiloo, Managing Director adds. Sameer has over 25 years of corporate work experience and has worked earlier in companies like Unilever, Sigma Aldrich(now Merck), Quest Diagnostics, Becton Dickinson and Biocon. Futuris’ Flagship product The MACS Quant Tyto is revolutionizing cell sorting. The firm’s patented microchip based technology opens new possibilities in basic research and medical applications. It provides one of a kind high speed aseptic cell sorting enclosed inside a cartridge.

Futuris Healthcare is an ISO 9000 certified company and all the products that it imports go through stringent quality checks

Futuris Healthcare is an import oriented firm and at the moment does not utilize any technologies in the development of its products. It maintains a stringent quality of the products that it imports for its customers to provide solutions for their research and clinical work and maintains a healthy customer relationship with them in the long run. With its incredible contribution to the healthcare industry, Futuris Healthcare has managed to build a niche in the healthcare industry in a short span of time.

We are also actively foraying into pre clinical R&D services for our clients. We have established a CRO Logical Life Science Pvt Ltd in Pune in 2020 which mainly focuses towards developing novel therapeutics for Cancer, Inflammation and Auto Immune diseases. It also supports students and educationists in their research ambitions. Our Research writing services help scientists in publishing their work and supports various pharmaceutical companies in medical writing,” Sameer defines. Futuris’ R&D is also actively working towards the development of IVD molecular biology based kits for Infectious diseases, Cancer, and Genetics as it plans to launch its products by end of 2022. It is also focused on introducing one of a kind ‘Sports Immune Profile Test’ through which it can establish the Immune status of athletes or sportsmen which will utimately map their immunestatus and help in enhancing their performance. The Sports Immune ProfileTest is currently being used on various national level athletes and helps mapping and monitoring their immune status during the period of their training.

“We have attained a steady growth of 20% CAGR over these 5 years. Due to Covid, our expansion plans took a back seat and now we are planning to expand our operations across India aiming to achieve a turnover of 10cr in the coming years,” Sameer, concludes.