Foods and Nutrition Clinic: A Complete Nutritional Solution for a Healthy Life

Dt. Silky Mahajan,,Founder & Nutrition Expert

Dt. Silky Mahajan,

Founder & Nutrition Expert

Hippocrates once said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”, rejoicing the fact that health is the greatest of all human blessings. But some where along the journey of mankind, the saying ‘Health is Wealth’ took a mirror image as people fell into the cobwebs of their busy work schedule to an extent that they neglected their own body needs in terms of nutrition and health. With the strong belief that the joy of living comes from the right food you eat in the right amount and at the right time, Foods and Nutrition Clinic (FNC) is exploring the untouched area of wellness industry in India paving way for people to lead a healthier & happier work life. Dt. Silky Mahajan (Founder & Nutrition Expert) established FNC in the year 2014 in Bangalore with cutting edge knowledge focused on adding values to a person’s nutrition and health needs. The company partners with many corporate in the field of Sports, FMCG, and State Governments and has also helped top executives, celebrities, and athletes globally to prosper.

Nurturing with Nutrition
Fostering the well-being of
employees at work, FNC offers corporate nutrition classes to various prominent organizations covering Medical Nutrition Therapy (diabetes, hypertension, eating disorders, thyroids, & PCOS) and weight management. With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, FNC puts in enough time to understand a client’s food habits, BMI, genetic makeup, & medical history, if any, through a detailed nutrition consultation, post which it designs customized diet chart keeping travel/competition guidelines in mind while recommending exercises also. A weekly email follow-up is done to understand the progress, and even evaluates outcome based on diet followed. “The well-defined process, expertise, scientific and result-oriented approach helps clients choose FNC as the most preferred wellness partner,” says Silky. Being highly approachable, clients can approach FNC anytime during its working hours to sort out their queries, which are recorded for future references.

The well-defined process, expertise, scientific and result-oriented approach helps clients choose FNC as the most preferred wellness partner

From the first day itself, clients get the insight of what they are going to achieve,” states Silky whose exemplary expertise in the wellness space is the company’s greatest potency. With passion for
health and fitness, Silky not only earned a Master’s degree in ‘Foods & Nutrition’ from Punjab University and training from PGIMSR and Fortis Escort Hospital, but is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist from International Sports Science Association, US. As a part of sports nutrition, FNC offers specialization in carbohydrate loading, energy & endurance, and hydration strategy, while under clinical nutrition, the company cover human nutrition (Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adult hood & Older Adulthood), weight management, corporate nutrition and many more.

Recognizing her expertise, Department of Youth Empowerment & Sports (DYES) of Government of Karnataka invited her to author a book on ‘Nutrition for Sports persons’ as a gift to the athletes. Silky also believes in attending and monitoring the progress of each & every client herself to ensure that they are getting best of the services by having the most advanced facilities and health tools that serve as a model for the clients.

Healthy Habits for a Fit Future
Keeping pace with current technologies & innovations, market demand, and continuous customer feedback, FNC always refurbishes its processes and programs ensuring best results to the customers through well-defined processes, expertise, and scientific & research-oriented approach..“It is the result of teamwork and ‘Let’s grow together’ approach that we are able to position ourselves as the most preferred wellness services providers,” concludes Silky.