Flowing Ink Communications: Creative, Informative and Comprehensive Healthcare Communications

Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham & Vijay Pawar,DirectorsWith rising costs of developing new drugs, growing competition, and shrinking times to peak sales, getting a drug launch right has become more crucial than ever. Today, every time a pharmaceutical company launches a new brand, its competitors flood the market with the same molecule soon after. Unless it is an innovative or patented brand or a first-in-the-country molecule, multiple companies offering the same molecule have no notable distinguishing factor. Furthermore, marketing representatives of these pharmaceutical companies have merely two minutes to showcase and communicate their brand’s value to doctors who besides being experts in the field, are busy treating their patients. How does a brand then stand-out and grab the doctor’s attention, and in turn succeed in the market? Flowing Ink Communications, a Mumbai-based healthcare advertising and communications agency,offers a creative and comprehensive answer to these pain points.

Flowing Ink empowers brand promoters to catch the eye of their target group through 360-degree solutions and out-of-the-box campaigns. "If the branding is both engaging and informative, doctors would definitely care and spare some of their precious time," states Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham, Director at Flowing Ink. From devising unique communication strategies to brand positioning and creative conceptualisation, the company caters to every client
requirement around print, digital, and scientific communications in addition to film-making and setting-up conferences.

Consistently experimenting with novel, innovative marketing ideas and delivering quality work with a short turnaround time form the basis of Flowing Ink's work culture. This culture of innovation and promptness has enabled the company to earn the trust of a wide range of prominent players in the industry, including Sun Pharma, Pfizer, Zydus, Cipla, IPCA Laboratories, Ajanta Pharma, Abbot India, Dr Reddy's Laboratories, Alkem, Aurobindo Pharma, Merck India, and many more. "While we offer various creative services to these companies, we have particularly recorded incredible success with clients that believe in the concept of campaign longevity and consistency in communications," mentions Murali. For the past 18 years, Flowing Ink has been applying the mantra of consistency and longevity to a few brands from Sun Pharma and IPCA Laboratories, leading to increased engagement and action from the target group.

Consistently experimenting with novel, innovative marketing ideas and delivering quality work with a short turnaround time form the basis of flowing ink's work culture

Flowing Ink's team that has been consistently delivering effective outcomes to clients comprises producers, designers, creative visualizers, paper fabricators, photographers, animators, editors, and marketing strategists. Furthermore, with its film production setups in Mumbai and Hyderabad, the company is well-positioned to reap benefits from the increasing demands for digitisation in pharmaceutical marketing. "For instance, unlike in the past when films used to be made only for over-the-counter (OTC) brands, marketing representatives now use computer tablets to advertise their prescription brands directly to doctors," adds Murali. Bolstered by its extensive film-making capabilities, Flowing Ink has established a pioneering position in producing these tablet video commercials (TVCs). Besides, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company introduced Motion Graphic Digital Reminders last year to help marketers remotely showcase their brands to the target group and has recently implemented a feature called Interactive Digital Engagement Activity (IDEA).

In its quest to constantly upgrade and innovate, Flowing Ink has established a sister concern Brains and Brands Advertising in Hyderabad in January 2019 with an aim to be recognized as one of the best creative advertising and communications agencies in southern India. The company also plans to expand into the UAE soon.