FitWorks: Nourishing Natural & Healthy Well-Being through Result-Oriented Fitness Training

Anil Mallappa & Mithun Singh,,Partners“If you are fit now, you will be fit forever,” professes Mithun Singh, Partner, FitWorks, casting light on the Indian populaces’ frames of mind that regard investing in fitness as a waste whilst in their pink of health. Conditioning to their general notion of ignorance is bliss, it is not until they fall ill or unfit that people recognize the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles and the prominence of physical activities. Thus to embark a fit future, it is imperative to imbibe fitness at the earliest through proper workouts and exercises. Taking this mission forward is FitWorks, one of the finest fitness centers based in Bangalore, insisting on a healthy and natural well-being through its result-oriented training modules designed to meet all fitness levels and personal goals of people. An intense passion for fitness shared by a workout-lover, Anil Mallappa (Partner, FitWorks) and a fitness aficionado, Mithun (former National athlete, an ACE-certified trainer with 16 certifications, and a rehabilitation, pre and post pregnancy, and post-injury specialist), laid the foundation to FitWorks in 2017.

Unlike other players who refrain children from workouts, FitWorks motivates them to hit gyms so as to improve their performance in studies and physical activities, and correct their postures

Fusing Fun & Fitness
“Our stellar team of professionally
certified world-class trainers is our greatest assets. Our trainers are fueled with a wealth of knowledge, passion, and experience to help people achieve their fitness goals,” glories Anil indicating his horde of trainers (including internationally certified ones) who are adroit in their unique forms of training. It has various kinds of certification levels (15 to 20 different certifications) starting from the basic to the highest (ACE). Besides, the gym owns a set of Zumba instructors (with 10 to 15 years experience), martial arts trainers, and women-specialized trainers (well-versed with all women-related issues like thyroid, PCOD, and hormonal imbalance). Unlike other players who refrain children from workouts, FitWorks motivates them to hit gyms so as to improve their performance in studies and physical activities, and correct their postures.

Educating generations to endow in fitness, FitWorks proffers a complete package of fitness incorporating weight training,
children's specialized training, sports conditioning, and group exercises (Zumba, Steps, and Belly-aerobics). While weight and stem training help people achieve fitness dreams, activities like Zumba and Cross Fit are the most happening fun workouts bestowing cardiovascular endurance, body coordination, strength, and conditioning. The Gym ensures that versatility in the programs is maintained through a blend of programs like yoga (traditional exercise with everlasting rewards) and teaching conditioning style of boxing and MMA. To increase the performance of fitness, the gym renders a trigger-point performance therapy, a rehab program for kids with lack of mobility and adults with stiffness in the body.

Leap Towards Complete Well-being
Armored with a squad of 16-20 trainers (eight personal trainers) pledged against the use of steroids and supplements, FitWorks is headstrong in endowing a steroidal-free and salubrious fitness to its clients, taking strict actions against anyone flouting it. It doesn’t suggest anything beyond a protein supplement like isolate and whey proteins, that too leaving the decision to the members. Giving a glimpse of a top-tier gym, the gym is equipped with modern facilities like lockers, showers, free Wi-Fi, and CCTV surveillance for the members. It houses the best cardio and strength equipment from Star Trac and Jerai respectively and undergoes monthly overall checks by AMC. Embarking high-quality services, FitWorks is all set to spread its wings across the city and India.