First Step Digital: Helping Mothers Fight Bio-Enemies of Their Babies through DEET-Free Herbal Products

Deep Bajaj,Co-Founder
Deep Bajaj, Co-Founder

Mosquito bites are not only itchy & irritating but can also cause many dangerous diseases like malaria, chikungunya& dengue. Finding a right weapon to send them off can be a challenging task particularly when it comes to babies as we don’t want them to be exposed to toxic & harmful smoke coming out from most of the mosquito repellents or expose them to chemical laden (especially DEET) creams which are poisonous. The smoke can cause allergies, asthma & persistent wheeze in little angels& creams have chemicals which can cause other issues. Facilitating mother in fighting enemies of her baby, First Step Digital(FSD) under the brand Bodyguard offers every mother a range of herbal & natural products that not only repel the mosquitoes but are also smoke-less & deet free, thereby eliminating the question of side-effects.

FSD's natural mosquito repellents are made from Citronella & Lemongrass Oil that not only safeguard the baby but also the lives of mosquitoes as it doesn't kill them rather repels (as the name itself says) from the baby. Ensuring that the entire lifecycle of the baby is covered, FSD offers mosquito repellent patches (for new born babies), refilling mosquito bands & herbal fabric roll on (for older
children), and natural anti-mosquito spray (for outdoor activities). These mosquito repellents are DEET free and contain no harmful chemicals that are found in other products, as they contain only natural ingredients(like eucalyptus oil, mint oil, & other herbal oils).

"We try to identify those problems for which a mother does not get a readymade solution, now these have a solution in our products"

Moving beyond mosquitoes, FSD also offers a range of products for pollution & wellness. Protecting babies from dust, odours, pollen, toxins & PM2.5 particles, FSD offers N95/N99 PM2.5 anti-pollution face masks that are designed to provide quality air thereby protecting respiratory system. These military grade masks don’t contain rubber latex and are reusable/washable & comfortable. Under wellness, FSD offers premium paraben free baby wet wipes for cleaning a baby. These 98 percent DW water & alcohol-free wipes are enriched with aloe-vera extracts, vitamin-E, and contain special conditioners & emollients that nourish the baby’s skin.

Finding & Solving Unidentified Problems
The uniqueness of the FSD lies in the fact that it aims to solve such problems that still remain unaddressed in a comprehensive manner. “We try to identify those problems for which a mother does not get a ready made solution, now these have a solution in our products,” says Deep Bajaj, Co-Founder, First Step Digital. For instance, it’s the first company in India that introduced baby diapers & sanitary disposal bag under the
name ‘I love clean’. This Oxo biodegradable bag ensures hygienic disposal of intimate care products (sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, baby diapers, and condoms) or general products (which need discreet disposal) and simultaneously prevents people from using plastic/polythene bags. For women (especially mothers), they have two more brands-PEEBUDDY (an award winning device using which women can stand and pee in all unfriendly toilets – especially during pregnancy when sitting & standing is an issue & you are much more prone to UTI) and SIRONA (unique menstrual hygiene solutions including India’s First Feminine Pain Relief Patch for Period Pain, Menstrual Cups and many others).

Moreover, mothers can also get information about baby care on its blog wherein posts related to baby health are written by experts.

Ensuring superlative quality & safety, all its products are manufactured in GMP & ISO certified state-of-the-art factories equipped with QC facilities. Bringing more to its customers, its products are available on e-Commerce sites like Amazon & Flipkart, and ample number of its products are best-sellers on them. The company also offers discounts on special occasions.

Incorporated in 2015 with a vision to offer niche solutions to the women, FSD currently operates from Delhi and is one of the fastest growing companies (thanks to its double-digit growth rate) in its space. FSD is further trying to identify the issues that a baby & mother faces and come-up with niche solutions.