FiiTNESS PLUS: Get Fit with the Holistic Fitness Training & Effective Cross-Fit Programs

Dr. Suresh Babu Bikaala,Managing Director

Dr. Suresh Babu Bikaala

Managing Director

Physical fitness is not only one of the most imperative keys to a healthy body, but also the premise of dynamic & creative intellectual activity. Thus the growing trends of fitness in the generations of today, and thereby the expansion of the market value exchanges for the same. Although being economically solid, as per various reports, India today is not only home to one of the largest populations of diabetics (8.7 percent of population) and people with hypertension or high blood pressure (25-33 percent across different demographics), but it also houses a swiftly escalating number of obese folks (five percent of India is aberrantly obese). It’s an irony for the fitness industry as there’s a burgeoning demand for fitness services within a nation tending towards a plumping outlook. In such a catch-22 situation, creating personal fitness solutions to guide & educate, and take care of their fitness, Dr. Suresh Babu Bikaala (Managing Director) designs a highly specialized fitness strategy – DRS (Dynamic Reconditioning System) training at FiiTNESS PLUS. Incepted in 2005, FiiTNESS PLUS is a completely technology-based centre which offers premium workouts with the extraordinary highlights.

The bonding between Dr. Suresh and the corporate world backpedals to 2002 where his career started in this industry with Corporate Fitness Solutions. Building a profitable and sustainable business organization that promotes and facilitates human wellness through regular physical activity and other healthy lifestyle choices, FiiTNESS PLUS is in making ‘Fitness a way of life’, uniquely positioned to become next star in the industry. Recognising individual needs and matching with their capabilities to create long-lasting health & fitness, this Bangalore-based fitness center develops various plans and programs for diverse consumer segments in the growing Indian wellness market space by adopting a balanced approach to scale up as a trusted brand.

The Holistic Training
Many in the industry know Dr. Suresh as an Exercise Specialist and Founder of FiiTNESS PLUS, but what is more significant is the fact that he being his own subject has transformed his physique after overcoming different injuries. He started designing different fitness programs and invented many dominance exercises and training strategies and named them as ‘DRS (Dynamic Reconditioning System) TRAINING’. People train with many fitness goals in mind: power, speed, endurance, and strength. The modern gym trends has witnessed that due to the growing addition of fitness centers, the trainers tend to be lenient in order to retain the customer but getting beyond all comfort odds FiiTNESS PLUS’ state-of-the-art DRS TRAINING is a military-style exercise customized to suit all population needs, be it general fitness, rehabilitation, weight-loss or athletic performance.

In this program, FiiTNESS PLUS addresses each objective at different times and stuns the trainee in every area based on the nature of the person, his goals and the specific hazards. “You don’t get stronger playing it safe. You don’t get stronger sitting on the couch. You don’t build muscle, destroy fat, or radically redefine your physique without anything less than your absolute best. You have to act. Every purpose has an action and every action begets results. If you can survive DRS
TRAINING, we guarantee great results,” asserts Dr. Suresh.

FiiTNESS PLUS provides CORPORATE SERVICES lending its expertise in setting up an in-house facility at the corporate clients’ campuses with qualified professional trainers or tech-based free gym in addition to the nutritional guidance to eat healthy & stay fit

In addition to this, DRS TRAINING offers a ‘Safety’ on-line training anywhere in the world. This training is never boring as one can accomplish the workout in a variety of ways. Doing it keeps the body from fixating to one program so the body can keep benefitting from it, which includes DRS circuits, DRS curves, DRS insane, DRS beast, DRS C3, DRS weight training, DRS weight loss programs, DRS nutrition, DRS total transformation, and DRS military. The transformation and reconditioning isn’t about training alone if you aren’t eating properly and taking the proper supplements. Hence FiiTNESS PLUS makes one follow many of the DRS diet and supplement articles to get the best result.

The Cross-Fit Services
Dr. Suresh has been a forerunner in the realm of fitness. Hence when the world just started to see Cross-fit as a way of better fitness, Dr. Suresh had already introduced it way back in 2008 with a different name – DRS-XFIT. Through this, FiiTNESS PLUS endeavours to accomplish the primary goal of making a positive impact on one person at a time through the provision of professional health and fitness-related services to the public community. Its ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIALISTS go way beyond motivating to exercise. The team intensifies your workouts, maximize your calorie burn and bring you to a new level of fitness. You will be supervised and supported while using the exclusive fitness equipments and the latest nutritional guidance information. Whether one wants to look and feel better, live a healthier lifestyle or improve his/her current fitness level, one can get it all through this One-On-One Personal Training System. “You just need to get in our fitness centre and give yourself to us; we will ensure by end of the day you are not only fit but also would have achieved overall personality development and you will see new YOU!” proclaims Dr. Suresh.

A recent trend in the way companies are approaching employee-based wellness programs are on high. Namely, companies are taking employee wellness more seriously now. They are truly trying to figure out the right solution to combat rising health issues and healthcare costs. Therefore, targeting to educate employees on occupational hazards and provide health & fitness support along with self - defence classes for women employees, FiiTNESS PLUS provides CORPORATE SERVICES lending its expertise in setting up an in-house facility at the corporate clients’ campuses with qualified professional trainers or tech-based free gym in addition to the nutritional guidance to eat healthy & stay fit.

Not all can make it to the gym, may be due to the closed timing of the modern working schedule, or coyness of working out in a public point, or special case of accidents or injuries. FiiTNESS PLUS thereby brings PERSONALIZED FITNESS @HOME – the gym into the comfort of one’s home. All one needs is some free space in her/his home and FiiTNESS PLUS shall provide a creative and challenging workout setup to help
reach the fitness goals. Maintaining a physically active healthy lifestyle post delivery. FiiTNESS PLUS ensures a safe strengthening & stretching of the right lifestyle is a great way for women to support a healthy pregnancy and for them to return to a normal muscles in preparation for the delivery and further helps in a quicker post partum recovery in its PRE/POST-NATAL TRAINING. A part from these, FiiTNESS PLUS offers Metabolic Fitness Assessments, BMI/BMR Calculation, Lifestyle Coaching, Body Composition Analysis, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Solutions, Sports Training and many more.

The Fitness Flash
Customers & clients come with unique goals & objectives and team-FiiTNESS PLUS keeps in touch with tem through social media and FiiTNESS PLUS app, around the clock. The team works with individual customers to identify their unique goals and design a program very specific to individual to achieve their goals i.e., consider the individual age, type of work, fitness expertise, physical and health conditions and consider latest research in designing the individual fitness programs without compromising on cleanliness & hygiene of the place & the person. The team is as passionate as Dr. Suresh and is trained under his keen supervision to provide the best possible services. Having extremely solid and valuable associations with allied health professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors and massage therapists, FiiTNESS PLUS executes projects with an unequivocal outcome, both in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects that can be tracked and monitored effectively with the help of modern technology.

Most centers in the fitness industry are reactive in nature, where as with its pro-active fitness programs and tailored approach to enhanced fitness program, FiiTNESS PLUS satisfies individual likes and dislikes, ensuring well being, variety and fun, while meeting their personal goals. With a business growth of 15-25 percent per annum, the organization targets at reaching the worldwide clients across tracked and monitored effectively with the help of modern technology by 2020. So, get in, get fit at FiiTNESS PLUS!

Key Management:
Dr. Suresh Babu Bikaala, Managing Director

Dr. Suresh is an experienced and certified Exercise Specialist & Fitness Researcher who keeps himself updated with the new techniques & methods and ensures that the person in seek receive appropriate fitness training. With the enigmatic role of a managing director, he guides his team members with the same passion which he himself has for health and fitness. He has been one of the motivating fitness speakers on demand who has been nominated as the Leader for the Global Leadership of Business Excellence Awards 2016. He was also ‘HEALTH HOUR’ guest at FM RAINBOW in 2015.

• Exclusive DRS (Dynamic Reconditioning System) Training
• Personal Training
• Pre-post natal Fitness Training
• Sports Performance Conditioning Training
• Aerobics, Yoga, Kick Boxing
• Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Rehabs
• Diet and Nutrition Solutions
• Technology Enabled Online Training
• Lifestyle Coaching
• Wellness Services for Corporate
• Exercise Program Design for Educational Institutes
• Consultation for Fitness Training Facility Design

Headquarter: Bangalore