Femcare Fertility: Marking Its Endeavour Through Personalised & Tailored Fertility Treatments

Dr. Pallavi Tiple,Medical director & Fertility specialist

Dr. Pallavi Tiple

Medical director & Fertility specialist

Fertility clinics are gaining wide popularity in India with technological interventions and cost advantages as compared to the past. They have now become the most opted medium for couples trying to become parents and bringing happiness in the lives of many, thus overcoming the challenges. Catering its clients with the best technology and equipment, Femcare Fertility is a one stop solution for all reproductive and fertility related issues.

Established in 2021 in Pune, Femcare Fertility is determined to provide affordable yet high quality infertility solutions to people. It is equipped with state of the art infrastructure, advanced equipment, and expert doctors."Femcare Fertility is most technologically advanced Fertility centre in Pune to help couples who have been dreaming of parenthood", says Medical Director & Fertility Specialist, Dr. Pallavi Tiple.

With over seven years of experience in the field of Gynaecology & Infertility, Dr. Pallavi has completed her MD in Reproductive Medicine, Art, and Embryology from prestigious university IVI, Spain. She caters to her patients by understanding their pain points and suggesting the best solutions. Femcare is known for providing tailored solutions to its customers. The services of the company include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IUI Treatment, PCOS Treatment, ICSI,
Follicular Monitoring, Egg Freezing, Assisted Laser Hatching, Donor Egg IVF, Embryo Freezing, Donor Sperm IUI, Cryopreservation, Semen Analysis and many more. "IVF is popularly known as the ‘Testtube baby'. It is a process in which an egg and sperm are used to create an embryo or more than one embryo. Once the embryo is created, it is then transferred through the cervix into a woman's uterus where it will hopefully implant itself and develop into a healthy baby to even tually be birthed like any other baby from a pregnant woman", shares Dr. Pallavi.

Dr. Pallavi caters to her patients by understanding their pain points and suggesting the best solutions

Priced at an Affordable Range
The technique of assisted reproduction has become so widespread and normalized, more than six million babies down the road, that there's nothing so remarkable or stigmatizing in having been conceived with IVF. India was familiar with the concept in the past but lacked the necessary facilities and technology that could accomplish it. Another big factor was money. As there were fewer institutions that were capable of providing such facilities, the hype in cost would deter customers to take on such expensive treatments. As more such facilities grew in India, the treatments became much more affordable, and eventually, more couples would fulfil their dreams of becoming parents of healthy babies.

Femcare Fertility is known for its personalized treatment services and affordable pricing modules. Born amidst pandemic, it provides online video consultations to its clients and sample collection services at their doorstep too. The expert team and the world class labs make it a renowned name for all kinds of fertility treatments.

Digitalising Services
Femcare Fertility believes that technological advancements and their implication in the healthcare sector, it will possibly change the way of healthcare accessibility & customer experience. Femcare is continuously adopting new technologies in the IVF space. Also, it is implementing a digital health record management system for patients. In the near future, it plans to launch India's best app for IVF & Infertility support. Since its inception, Femcare has witnessed a 100% growth with each proceeding month. It is planning to open a chain of Fertility centres all across India. For future, Femcare is all set to normalize assisted reproduction in the IVF space.