Erbe Medical: Strengthening the Roots of Technological Excellence within Medical Sector

Rakesh Kundu, Managing Director

Rakesh Kundu

Managing Director

Tremendous credit to the healthcare reforms, technology has been catalyzing radical developments in the medical industry that were nearly inconceivable before. The engineering brilliance embedded within technological innovations such as robotic surgery, wireless brain sensors, health wearables and many others, continues to improve medical industry, making it cheaper, faster and highly efficient. Chennai-based Erbe Medical India – a subsidiary of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH, Germany, has been carrying forward its parent company’s more than 170 years of engineering & innovation excellence legacy in the Indian medical industry since 2007, making its innovative surgical systems for professional medical usage accessible to 161 countries worldwide.

Erbe is globally recognized for its uniquely developed Energy products and the excellence it portrays in combining different forms of energy to provide Hybrid technologies to provide the best in class clinical outcome. While technical expertise is core to the company’s modus operandi, robust service network and clinical qualified workforce competence defines Erbe’s notable attributes, making it stand tall within the competitive ambit. Under the ace leadership of Mr. Rakesh Kundu (Managing Director), Erbe India has managed to station expert service engineers to provide After-Sales Services in major cities.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Erbe’s product portfolio includes various devices and instruments for Electrosurgery, Thermo Fusion, Plasma Surgery, Cryo Surgery, Hydro Surgery and combination of these technologies to provide state-of-art Hybrid Technology for Surgical Intervention
Procedures in Gastroenterology, Liver & Organ Transplant Surgeries and Intervention Pulmonology. These unique and innovative products are highly leveraged worldwide. The company also owns the proprietary rights of various technologies in Electrosurgery, Hydro Surgery and Cryo Surgery, which are available only with Erbe.

Strictly adhering to all rules and regulations of European Union and Europe, Erbe manufacturers all its products with highest quality standards at Erbe’s sole manufacturing unit based in Germany. All the major products developed, manufactured and distributed by the company are approved by competent authorities, and has garnered certifications from major agencies, testifying its superior quality output.

We utilize our experience, expertise & highly specialized skills to promote our products and collaborate with all stakeholders

Team that Deploys Excellence

Unlike other companies that prioritize product merchandising for profitable numbers, Erbe concentrates on establishing long-term collaboration with its clients through prompt servicing. Besides, the company has partnered with e-Commerce marketplaces and maintains a single point of contact with the customers & end-users to generate awareness and ensure effective communication.

“We utilize our experience, expertise & highly specialized skills to promote our products and collaborate with all stakeholders,” adds Pranshu Abhishek, Marketing & Training Lead, Erbe Medical. The company that continuously participates in various training & academic programs worldwide has MoUs with key opinion leaders, which enables it to provide specialized training to the customers through training centers and CoEs. A centralized Academy located in Germany Erbe Academy had been providing training & education to Healthcare Professionals for almost a decade, the company plans to establish Erbe Academy in India by next couple of years.

Profound Prospects

Driven by a team of 50+ pros, Erbe India has received two consecutive awards from its headquarters for recording an astounding double-digit revenue growth. Having branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata with presence PAN India, the company has blueprints ready for launching new product for pulmonology and varied solutions for both pulmonology and gastroenterology. “With corporate hospitals expanding their chains & the government laying out certain initiatives, we sense a positive indicator to introduce new products & strategies for penetrating and gaining market share. Our strategy is to go deep and broad in terms of collaborations and distribution reach,” concludes Rakesh.