ELATE-RCM: An All Inclusive Healthcare BPO for Diverse Outsourcing Needs

Rita Chaudhury , DirectorThe Indian healthcare outsourcing industry, which holds a 10 percent share in the BPO sector, is expected to grow by three fold and reach the $133.44 billion mark by 2022. The demand & supply gap for medical coders is at 40 percent, and is continuously growing. And with over 80 percent of the US companies outsourcing to India, medical coding & billing has established itself as an ‘evergreen’ industry in the country.

HIPAA & ISO 9001:2015 compliant, ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) is one amongst the leading service providers to a plethora of US healthcare firms, including physicians, hospitals, laboratories, managed care providers & billing companies. Having signed the Business Associate Contract with its clients, it strictly adheres to US OIG (Office of Inspector General) and NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiative) Edits. ELATE has expertise to provide solutions that improve revenue cycle metrics. ELATE always offers a short turnaround time for task completion. Efficient & effective, its services are noted to generate increased revenues and reduce denied claims ratio.

Safe & Secure Services, Round the Clock
Speaking of its services, the New Delhi based ELATE is a Medical Coding, Payment Posting & Account Receivable, and Reporting & Analysis major. Its complimentary services include creating & running various kinds of reports like Ledgers, Denied claim vs. Clinical Documentation Deficiency Report, Credentialing, Comparative Payment Analysis report, Clinical & Transaction Analysis Report as well as Aged Trial Balance Report.
Besides this, ELATE is an approved Education Provider of American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in India. ELATE’s Education is Gold Standard. The USPs are AAPC’s current curriculum, AAPC approved Instructor, externship opportunity to the trainees, and scholarship opportunity to the talented students. ELATE is developing new skills and job opportunities among the youth of India.

Showcasing salient specifications such as comprehensive claim analysis, expertise in clinical documentation, reduced turn-around time, and round-the-clock support, it has been keeping its clients elated & confident. Furthermore, through standardization & use of Virtual Private Network (VPN), ELATE leverages encryption techniques to secure its private network and ensure access only to authorized users. This provides a secure, encrypted tunnel for data transmission between the remote user and the private, corporate network.

Through standardization & use of Virtual Private Network (VPN), ELATE leverages encryption techniques to secure its private network and ensure access only to authorized users

Excellent Employees Who Exceed Expectations
Employees form the backbone of any firm; as such, ELATE ensures hiring only the talented individuals with a flair for healthcare. All its medical coders are certified & experienced, their ‘Medical Documentation Analysis’ capability during coding is often complimented by clients. Its payment posters possess good experience in analyzing received payments and putting them on systems. It is their fast service & actions that enable clients know their remittances.

Moreover, its Account Receivable team is expert in denial management. They are the fast decision makers who efficiently analyze the denial codes and alert the clients. They are the experts responsible for eligibility verification, credentialing, appeal & re-appealing, and managing the aged claims.

Unyielding in difficult times, ELATE is one out of a very few firms that could withstand the industry-wide changing period that followed after ICD10 implementation in the US. While clients were concerned about denial rates due to clinical documentation requirement by the compliance authority, it upskilled its employees via in-house trainings, keeping them well ahead of time to embrace this industrial change with confidence. Besides leading less denial than predicted, this left the clients relieved & relaxed and confident about ELATE’s Service.