TotalRCM: Co-Creating Growth Anecdotes By Optimizing The Capabilities Of Healthcare Providers

Vanaraj Baulraj,President & CEO (India), Debbie Redd, CEO (US)

Vanaraj Baulraj

President & CEO (India)

The drive to attain value-based care is reshaping, Clinicians Propelled by dynamic technologies & the digital wave, the healthcare organizations in the US has long transformed into a value-based, patient-centric system, making Americans spend $3.65 trillion on healthcare in 2018, according to the US federal government actuaries. The amount tops the GDP of its neighbor Canada! The trillion dollar industry, in its endeavor to focus more on delivering personalized quality healthcare experiences rather than other business functions however is expected to outsource as much as $19 billion (currently $2 billion) worth processes by the end of 2026 (according to But en route this high-growth trajectory, it's a crater that the leaders of the outsourced revenue cycle management (RCM) industry `sell' their services, leaving clients to adapt into them. This more often results in the lack of synchronization, a lot of untapped potential, and in turn lack of revenue for the healthcare providers.

Deviating from this paradigm and indeed fine-tuning the processes to meet the client's exact requirements at micro-levels have made TotalRCM Solutions ­ a Bangalore based end-to-end 360 degree RCM solutions provider ­ to carve its niche in the extremely competitive RCM industry of the US within merely two years after its inception. Chanting loudly the mantra, `your success is our success', TotalRCM banks heavily on its more than 70 people strong team and 100+ years of experience at the management level in different verticals of the US Healthcare business to help its clients focus completely on Patient Care, while the company ascertains that the client optimizes their capabilities and exists as a highly profitable organization.

A Meticulous Approach towards Problem Solving
If an Indian-origin company builds an intact reputation in the competitive US healthcare market, it's beyond any reasonable doubt that the success must have something to do with quality. With TotalRCM, it's not only about the quality of services, but also a meticulous approach and in turn, tangible results. "We do not view our clients as `clients', but as a part of our own company. Having instilled this mentality in our team, it leads to transparent two-way communication & adopting the best practices that suit both the entities. Be it a single provider practice or a large medical group, we, regardless of their size, bank on our extensive experience to make the right decision at the right time to ensure their seamless operation," asserts Prem Kumar, President & COO, TotalRCM Solutions.

Prem Kumar, President & COO
A huge chunk of credit however goes to its extremely detailed approach towards tailor-making services. Instead of `selling' its services, TotalRCM, right when it begins, encourages the client to provide all the more information about their workflow, including their precise pain areas, before running their own assessment protocol and research. Such an intensive start acts as an instrumental stride in devising a strategy & solution to address the exact craters. "Amalgamating the collected data with an unparalleled amount of in-house experience and adhering to the workflow followed by the client, we come-up with a suitable operational process, which is agreed & adopted by the client and us, and will benefit both the parties alike," says Vanaraj Baulraj, CEO (India) & President, TotalRCM Solutions. Any further modification on the SOP is subject to a mandatory discussion with and approval of the client before implementation.

"Beyond our intricate approach, the major challenges clients are facing are adapting to the dynamic (operational management) technology landscape and retention of the best talents. We focus extensively on these aspects," asserts Karthik Giriraj, Vice President & Director - Operations, TotalRCM Solutions. He adds, "While we make sure that our employees are always abreast of leveraging the latest technologies like artificial intelligence by encouraging them to constantly attend webinars and conferences, we also give paramount importance to employee satisfaction, alongside ensuring their participation in decision making as the major stakeholders. Hence, they own the responsibilities as well". This proactive thinking ability coupled with its meticulous approach has helped TotalRCM to co-create an overwhelming number of awe-inspiring success stories within the two years of its operation.

A case in point is its recent engagement with one of the reputed healthcare services providers in the US. The client, who ended-up in a blind alley with its previous RCM partner, was struggling with optimizing the revenue potential, and they were collecting only about 60-70 percent of their actual capability. Once TotalRCM came into the picture, it took no time to identify the craters, which included
the issues with Medicaid and a few other insurance programs that drastically pulled back the revenue. It not only fixed the problem, but also executed a process-change that helped monitoring and identifying similar predicaments in the future. "After just two months, we brought-in the highest collection ever in their entire history," adjoins Prem. While the charges remained the same, the financial year ended with the client registering 40 percent more revenue than the previous year.

Be it a single-provider practice or a large medical group, we regardless of their size bank on our extensive experience to make the right decision at the right time to ensure their seamless operation

Making Contributions that Matter
After just three years of its humble beginning ­ registering in the US in 2018 and starting its operations from India in 2019 ­ TotalRCM today is passionate about and obsessed with creating success anecdotes. "Like any other startup, getting our first client on-board and creating successful results to the tune of outperforming our competitors throughout our pilot period were the biggest challenges. Ever since we did that, there was no turning back," adds Vanaraj.

Karthik Giriraj, Vice President & Director - Operations

The company gives the lion's share of credit to its workforce that's an ideal balance of fresh and experienced talents. "Our workforce today includes dedicated teams like Appeals Team and specialized Old Accounts Receivable Team. They definitely give us an extra edge to approach problems in a well-informed manner. The sudden outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has posed a big challenge to companies like ours. Total RCM has successfully implemented the work from home option by adopting the latest security standards which have ensured zero loss in productivity and sustaining the same quality of work to the Clients. COVID-19 has increased the scope of TeleHealth wherein the providers and patients interact by means of the latest telecommunication technologies. Debbie has successfully guided the providers in the utilization of TeleHealth and continues to provide current COVID-19 updates," adds Karthik. Above all, while being exemplary in recognizing the hard work and dedication of its employees, the company has also been quite successful in instilling a culture, wherein it encourages employees to respect each other, and work as a team in a transparent environment, which will bring about integrity, innovation, persistence and satisfaction ­ the core values of TotalRCM.

Debbie Redd, CEO (US)

En route to the future, the company has its eyes set on the new arrivals in the technology segment with an aim to automate most of its manual work. TotalRCM has identified the areas that it entails to automate and is already testing the waters. The revenue projections are set accordingly, expecting to grow the revenues by five-fold by the end of 2022. We want to create more employment opportunities in the US & India and thereby expand our business across these geographies, while simultaneously contributing to both the nations' economy," concludes Debbie, CEO (US).

Vanaraj Baulraj, President & CEO (INDIA)
Vanaraj possesses 22 years of revenue cycle management experience. He is a graduate in corporate secretaryship and master in business administration, specializing in operations management and customer relationship management.

Debbie Redd, CEO (US)
Debbie professionally is an AAPC certified medical coder with 20+ years of specialized revenue cycle management & coding experience.

Prem Kumar, President & COO
Prem has more than 25 years of experience in revenue cycle management. He is a graduate in business management, specializing in finance and also holds a masters in finance.

Karthik Giriraj, Vice President & Director – Operations
Karthik is a graduate in business management specializing in international business and holds a masters in business administration specializing in human resources. He possesses 20 years of revenue cycle management experience.

• Year Of Establishment: 2018

• Offices: Bangalore, India (Headquarter) & St. Louis, Missouri (Us)

Offerings: Complete Revenue Cycle Management, Billing Services, Coding Services, Consultation Services, AR Management, Patient Customer Services, Credentialing, Compliance Audits, And Analytics & Reporting

"The communication between TotalRCM and Gupta, PC has been excellent. They know how to solve the problem and fix it permanently. They pay attention to details, are very efficient in giving the answers, reliable, and are always with a positive attitude. In addition to frequent updates and quick access to reports, their proactive approach towards payments collection has resulted in increased revenue as well,"
~Sonia Gupta, Practice Administrator, Dr. Arun K Gupta

"TotalRCM provides our company complete medical billing service. They have made our billing organized and always know exactly what they are doing. TotalRCM has a team of people who specialize in different tasks and deliver great reports in a timely manner. TotalRCM has brought us to a point where we can easily communicate with our patients, and all our patients are really happy, more than ever. We are so grateful to TotalRCM. I will truly recommend them to all my colleagues,"
~Rikta Kohli, Practice Administrator, Commonwealth Sleep Center

"When we committed to TotalRCM, we came from a large, nationwide company. We found TotalRCM to be more personable and flexible. Our communication with TotalRCM was very good. Everyone was accessible, knowledgeable and helpful with our billing. They were very accommodating with month-end reports, and customized them for us based on what our company needed. Our average cycle was less than 21 days. I highly recommend them for medical billing,"
~ Keri Headley, Office Manager, Headley Family Medicine