Dr.Live: Making Healthcare Accessible For All Through Telemedicine

Chethan Channakeshava & Pratap Palthady, Co-FounderThe doctor-patient ratio in India is around 1:2000, way less than the WHO norm of one doctor per 1000 citizens. Around 70 percent of Indian population lives in the rural areas and getting access to a doctor is much more arduous for them. But with internet booming in India with almost over 200 million internet users, it is widely believed that mobile technology can be harnessed to decentralize India's healthcare industry to reach every citizen. DrLive does the game for them. This telemedicine service provider can be a great compliment to an actual clinic visit for patients who can use it for pre- and post-visit consults, which would help them reduce travel related costs and benefit from the added convenience of consulting with top doctors via video from comfort of their own homes. DrLive also plays an important role in the supplemental management of chronic conditions. The company is widely acknowledged for its impact on routine care for common, uncomplicated, non-emergency medical problems such as sinus problems, respiratory infections, allergies, urinary tract infections, cold & flu and many other illnesses.
uncomplicated, non-emergency medical problems such as sinus problems, respiratory infections, allergies, urinary tract infections, cold & flu and many other illnesses.

Founded in 2014, DrLive's initial efforts were geared towards helping people during emergency situations but considering the limitations in integrating such a futuristic technology across different parties in the healthcare ecosystem, moved to non-emergency video consults (a highly unorganized yet attractive industry). "We started building technology around it mid-2015 by gathering inputs and feedback from various stakeholders in the industry," asserts Pratap Palthady, Co-Founder, DrLive.

DrLive Applications for Telemedicine Services

Founded in 2014, DrLive is a healthcare platform intended to implement telemedicine programs through mobile and web applications. This highly secure platform is an easy to use interface that has been proving its value for several healthcare specialties and has helped many patients to set up primary consults, follow ups and second opinions, if necessary from highly qualified specialists.

With a vision to provide 360 degree healthcare model for the commoners, DrLive has specifically designed two applications named the DrLive app and DrLive Rounds app for patients and doctors respectively. "Dr.Live applications offer powerful mobile/web based tele health platform providing safe and secure On-Demand healthcare connecting doctors and patients
through virtual and in clinic consultations," says Chethan Channakeshava, Co-Founder, DrLive. DrLive allows patients to book appointment both for video and clinic visits and enables patients to have live conversation with a doctor via video and instant messaging through the app itself. The users also get options for cashless payments for the consultations. The other app, DrLive Rounds is a doctor specific app which enables them to keep records of the patients and view whenever needed, has a personal calendar to manage the appointments and also has an option to manage payments. Rounds app also helps doctors take their entire practice 'on the cloud' and being an end-to-end encrypted platform, doctors need not to worry about the security of the information.

Additional Features of DrLive

With the growth of smart personal devices and health trackers, DrLive has plans to enable its applications to seamlessly monitor healthcare devices like Fitbit, Apple healthkit and others to measure heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels and many more, thus enabling highly accurate consultation for remote patient care. Working with 60 top rated specialists and physicians from leading corporate hospitals, DrLive now aims and looks forward to integrate with more vital collecting personal devices, pharmacy integration in its apps, building data analytics toolkits, in-house consulting and development of diagnostic and wellness programs hoping to fulfill its mission to emerge as a new frontier in telemedicine in the country.