Dr. Vidushi Agrawal : Pioneering the Alkaline Diet for a Better Lifestyle & Healthy Living

Dr. Vidushi Amarnath Agrawal,FounderAncient India always believed in, “When Diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need”. This quote has definitely stood the test of time and Dr. Vidushi Agrawal, founder of Mumbai based Natural Health Clinic, is not only a stern believer of this phenomenon but practices as well. She says, “Health is something that is in tandem with Nature.

Dr. Agrawal follows Mother Nature with conviction. She shares her thoughts on few significant aspects of our daily dietary habits.

Making a demonstration for the importance of a non-vegetarian diet, Dr. Agrawal says, “Population who lived in forests and near the coast in ancient times and had no access or very little access to normal food for survival - was fine for them to hunt animals or amphibians to eat, however today, most places have access to all kinds of food – so why kill an animal to eat?”

Media has also played its part in influencing the diet of the masses. Commercials like ‘Sunday ho ya Monday – Roz khao ande’ are most likely misleading & inaccurate and should be directed to selective segment of consumers. Dr. Agrawal clarifies the ‘why’. She explains, “People do not understand the negative effects of it. I get many cases of PCOD and all had been consuming eggs. Once, the consumption of egg is stopped and a few more diet modifications done, PCOD is eliminated and menstruation starts”.

Dr. Vidushi Agrawal shares with us her practical and tested diet strategy. She says, “There is only one Natural Diet that can
be shown and proven scientifically ALKALINE DIET! If you have the correct balance of Alkaline Acidic Diet 80% - 20%, your chances for weak immunity will be almost negligible. Even if you catch some infection, you will recover quickly with less severity.

The science behind it is that human blood is slightly alkaline in nature between the pH of 7.35-7.45 and whatever activity we do produces acid. More the acid produced, weaker will be our immunity. Hence, there has to be a proper balance between alkaline and acidic foods.”

Dr. Agrawal has been conducting a course on “Alkaline Diet the Natural Mother Nature’s Diet” for the past 3 years. She has successfully completed the course with many students. It helps the students to understand various aspects of food, get clarity on a lot of misconceptions that exist and eat freely. When one follows the Alkaline Concept of diet – there is NO CALORIE COUNTING. One can visit her highly educational YouTube channel to know more.

Dr. Vidushi Agrawal has a degree in Homeopathy. “I had been very much influenced by Homeopathy in my younger days seeing my mother practice it and I still am very fond of it. However, while treating through homeopathy also, I found that the process of cure in certain health issues were still blocked & on researching found that that the maintaining cause was none else but lifestyle related, which no medicine can cure. So I decided to get into dietetics and nutrition. A combination of both Homeopathy and Dietetics and Nutrition works wonder. I believe that 90% of the so called diseases do not require any medicine they get cured when Diet is rectified”.

While striving to make her current programs a soaring success, Dr. Vidushi also is a part of Breast Cancer Awareness and Diabetes Awareness Programs and wants to expand these programs for the benefit of the society. A thought that Diabetes is not reversible is a wrong concept; earlier cases are reversible and others also controllable.

She is also mentoring students for thesis and, and with her ‘Natural health Clinic’, Dr. Agrawal is slowly starting to undertake practical projects like adopting a village and guiding them through video conferencing in this Corona Era to educate them about the importance of nutrition and health and to have a colourful plate of vegetables and fruits – which will supply them with the required nutrients for health on a daily basis. “Most villagers think that this is not affordable, however, if we bring into practicality our age old concept of barter system, Kitchen gardening – where the villagers have a good knowledge on farming, affordability will not be an issue at all. Hence, a great effort is required in this and this is something that I have taken up as a goal”, concludes Dr. Vidushi Agrawal.

Like Hippocrates once said, ‘Nature itself is the best physician’, it is evident that our health responds to the nature.