Dr. Navin Kumar: Leading Innovation in Diagnostic Pathology at Shubhra Diagnostics

Dr. Naveen Kumar Sivakumar,  Pathologist & Head - Lab

Dr. Naveen Kumar Sivakumar

Pathologist & Head - Lab

Pathologists play an increasingly important role in today's healthcare system. As the demand for accurate and timely diagnosis grow, pathologists play an important role in interpreting laboratory tests, biopsies, and other diagnostic procedures. Their knowledge not only informs treatment decisions but also aids in early detection and prevention efforts. Pathologists play an important role in the healthcare ecosystem, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care as technology advances and diseases become more complex. Pathologists are pioneers of precision and innovation in medicine, shaping the future of diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Navin Kumar is a highly respected pathologist with decades of experience in this field, especially oncopathology. Shubhra Diagnostic Centre, founded in 1996 by Dr. Navin Kumar, is a beacon of excellence in the diagnostic services industry in Delhi and the National Capital Region. With a vision of providing high-quality diagnostic services, the center has consistently worked to uphold the principles of Good Laboratory Practices while prioritizing patient safety, satisfaction, and the highest quality standards. The center, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experienced professionals, ensures diagnostic accuracy and precision, setting the industry standard for quality.

"Quality, Integrity, Service, and Initiative are central to Shubhra Diagnostic's ethos. These values serve as guiding principles, ensuring that all aspects of the diagnostic process, from sample collection to reporting, meet internationally recognized standards. Transparency, quality assurance, and a patient-centered approach are at the forefront of all services provided",states Dr. Navin Kumar, M.D, and Pathologist. Many hospitals and centres are getting benefits from his experience in diagnostic field.

Advancing Excellence in Diagnostic Pathology

Dr. Navin Kumar's journey through the complex landscape of diagnostic pathology has spanned several decades, marked by an unwavering pursuit of excellence and a dedication to advancing healthcare. Dr. Kumar, who trained at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, began his career with a strong interest in pathology, laying the groundwork for a remarkable journey that would shape the field of diagnostics in India and beyond. His career in the private sector began at the Rajiv
Gandhi Cancer Institute, where he learned about the complexities of cancer pathology and honed his diagnostic skills. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he immersed himself in various techniques and technologies, establishing himself as a stalwart in the field.

Dr. Kumar faced numerous challenges as he transitioned between hospitals, each of which tested his expertise and leadership abilities. At the Action Cancer Hospital, he was instrumental in establishing the Department of Oncopathology, navigating uncharted territory with courage and determination. His tenure as Director of Pathology in Artemis Hospital, Gurugram cemented his reputation as a pioneer in histopathology, molecular genetics, and immunohistochemistry. However, Dr. Kumar's time in the Middle East, where he was the Head of the Pathology Department at a prestigious King Hamad cancer hospital, Baharin truly demonstrated his global impact. He led with distinction, bringing his extensive experience to bear on diagnostic practices and cultivating an excellent culture. Dr. Kumar returned to India and began a new chapter, becoming the Head of the Pathology Department at a prestigious institution.

He faced the daunting task of starting from scratch, overseeing everything from infrastructure design to quality control in labs. His multifaceted responsibilities, such as managing the blood bank and ensuring regulatory compliance, demonstrate his unwavering commitment to patient care and safety.

In his pursuit of excellence, Dr. Kumar traveled across the country, conducting assessments and audits in a variety of healthcare settings. With invaluable insights, he advocated for systemic changes, emphasizing the importance of regulatory oversight and standardized training for medical professionals. In the ever-changing landscape of diagnostic pathology, Dr. Kumar remains at the fore front, navigating market dynamics with aplomb and vision. As technology transforms the field, he emphasizes the importance of embracing digitalization / computational pathology, role of AI, ML algorithms including validation and interpretability and innovation in in-house production of lab machine and creating a supply chain for its export to ensure that diagnostic services remain accessible, accurate, and reliable inside country and abroad.

As he considers the evolution of diagnostic pathology in India, Dr. Navin Kumar remains convinced that excellence is more than just an aspiration, but a relentless pursuit

Despite the advances and successes, Dr. Kumar recognizes the formidable challenges that lie ahead. The proliferation of non-pathologist-operated labs, as well as the lack of standardized training facilities for pathologist as well as technicians, lack of indigenous manufacturing of lab machine and reagents including mandatory registration of machine under name of qualified pathologist raise serious concerns that policymakers and stakeholders must work together to address. Changes in curriculum of post-graduation course in Pathology like introduction of concept of computational and tele pathology, AI, ML, market trends, lab economics, legislation governing lab systems and regulatory/accreditation process including QMS should be urgently introduced. Liquid biopsy, role of tumor markers and NGS remains unexplored largely in India. A new concept of running Pathology OPD services and new area of interventional pathology (pathologist to be trained for taking image or non image guided tru cut biopsy themselves) by pathologist parallel in hospital set up is need of hour as demand grows both from clinicians as well as patients for this service.

As he considers the evolution of diagnostic pathology in India, Dr. Kumar remains convinced that excellence is more than just an aspiration, but a relentless pursuit. With unwavering dedication and visionary zeal, he continues to shape the future of diagnostics, leaving his imprint on the healthcare landscape. Dr. Navin Kumar's legacy is one of innovation, leadership, and, most importantly, a strong commitment to improving human health.