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    Precision Testing, Proven Results Pathology, a cornerstone of medical science, delves into the study of dis[1]eases. It investigates the origins, workings, and consequences of diseases on the human body. It supports diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning by carefully examining tissues, cells, and body fluids. Clinical practice and medical developments are informed by its discoveries, which range from recognizing malignant cells to understanding infectious pathogens. Pathologists play a significant part in cutting edge healthcare frameworks, contributing essentially to persistent care and restorative progressions. Their essential duty lies in diagnosing illnesses by looking at tissues, organs, substantial liquids, and cells beneath the magnifying instrument. Their research...

Top 10 Prominent Pathologists - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dr. Dangs Lab Dr. Dangs Lab Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO He initiated a strategic reinterpretation of pathological processes by actively engaging from the forefront and promoting direct interaction with patients
DHEE Hospitals DHEE Hospitals Dr. Chaitra K, Pathologist A luminary specializing in laboratory medicine with a perfect amalgam of passion, and has also been instrumental in elevating the standards of laboratory Medicine in India by enabling patients to receive quality treatment
FRIGE & Dr Shah Pathology Laboratory Endocrine Unit FRIGE & Dr Shah Pathology Laboratory Endocrine Unit Dr. Jayesh J Sheth, Founder & Chairman A luminary pathologist & scientist with over four decades of expertise, who plays a vital role in modern medicine, covering a wide range of specialties from pediatrics to oncology
Tata 1mg Tata 1mg Dr. Naveen Kumar Sivakumar, Pathologist & Head - Lab He is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pathology, with a focus on quality, artificial intelligence, and data analysis to improve automation and increase efficiency and accuracy in laboratory procedures
Shubhra Diagnostic Centre Shubhra Diagnostic Centre Dr. Navin Kumar, M.D & Pathologist A highly respected pathologist with decades of experience in this field, he acquired knowledge about the complexities of cancer pathology and honed his diagnostic abilities
Anand Diagnostic Laboratory Anand Diagnostic Laboratory Pradeep Kumar, Pathologist He possesses over 8+ years in the healthcare sector, also his expertise includes fluorescence microscopy, haematology, performance metrics, quality control and many more
Agilus Diagnostics Agilus Diagnostics Dr. Rushabh Shah, Consultant Pathologist With a proven track record of working in hospital & health care industry, his expertise encompassing time management, communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, and leadership qualities
Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital Seyed Rabia, Consultant Pathologist Having 8+ years of experience in the haematology, pap smears and clinical pathology, also excels in auditing, medical research, histopathology, blood bank and communication
Clinitech Laboratory Clinitech Laboratory Suraj Bramhane, Director - Laboratory & Chief Pathologist By leveraging his extensive experience in medical technology & digital pathology, also expertise in haematology, laboratory medicine, molecular pathology, histopathology, FNAC & cytology, quality control & quality assurance
Medway Hospitals Medway Hospitals Veena Ganesan, Director - Lab & Consultant Pathologist With 12 years of experience in clinical pathology and lab administration, she has precise project execution, strong teamwork skills, and expertise in lab management, quality management, and internal audit