Dr. Digambar Naik: Reinforcing the Power of Healing for Wellness

Dr. Digambar Naik ,FounderIn some ways, these words by Benjamin Franklin might seem strange in today’s exorbitant medical world, where doctors are often misjudged for profiteering on even basic treatment in India. However, highly respected non-interventional cardiologists and visionary entrepreneurs like Dr. Digambar Naik have been instrumental in breaking such stigmas and making a difference by providing skilled and compassionate care and support.

“Your heart is connected to your emotions and well-being. So, as specialists, we need to be good, fair, and genuine, as a little error or negligence in the ICU can be fatal to a patient. This is where cardiology makes you a responsible human being. It is a paying branch that pays in not just money but also satisfaction, gratitude, and blessings, which are rare to receive in our lives”, proclaims Dr. Digambar.

The endeavor of Dr. Digambar, which started as a small practice in 1985, was officially incorporated as Vrundavan Hospital & Research Centre in 1994. “I set out to fulfill my vision with just 2500 rupees in my pocket and by immersing myself entirely in that life", explains Dr. Digambar. Under his efficient management and administration, it has grown to be a formidable establishment, possessing 16 healthcare ventures and educational institutions under its roof, including ISO-certified hospitals, a nursing school, a paramedical college, cosmetic centres, pharmacies, dialysis units, and an eye foundation in Goa. Vrundavan Group of Hospitals and the four decades of his illustrious career stand as a testament to his excellence and unwavering commitment to improving the quality of lives around him.

Aleviating Obstacles One by One
Growing up in a poor family, Dr. Digambar started working at the age of four and was diagnosed with Kwashiorkor, a protein calorie malnutrition, and two defective valves in heart.
Additionally, he was also warned of a shorter life expectancy. While he successfully completed his school education with his brilliance and EBC scholarships, he was denied MBBS admission over fitness. But with hard work, perseverance, and the support of one of the doctors named Professor Sharma, Dr. Digambar joined Bombay University and won gold medals in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology in his MBBS. Today, he also holds an MD in Medicine, and a DOIH in cardiology. Owing to his accomplishments, he is awarded the most coveted recognitions, such as the Vikas Ratna Award by the India International Friendship Society and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical and Preventive Cardiology by the President of India.

However, the most notable fact of all is the attitude of Dr. Digambar towards life and wellness. “It was when I collapsed at the age of 40, weighing just 39 kilos with weakened muscles and sunken eyes, that I decided to turn myself around by focusing on healing completely. I am currently 68 and a very active physician", shares Dr. Digambar. According to him, the lessons learned during his wellness journey, coupled with his medical expertise, have helped him treat people with all possible complications, including diabetes, heart attacks, and congestive cardiac failures, with little or no medication. “By combining your internal healing with available external medicines, I make the human mind heal itself”, Dr. Digambar adds. He also survived COVID by incorporating it into his life. His impact on the medical domain is further amplified by his books like ‘365 health thoughts for 365 days’ and ‘Alert Active Alive @ 100’, which give deeper insights about a well-lived life.

Dr. Digambar firmly believes that the key to healing lies in the right exercise, the right diet & the right mind

Dr. Digambar strives to make his ventures as technologically sophisticated as possible by investing a significant amount of his time in research in order to find new avenues to heal as well as innovate. For example, he has played a pivotal role in deploying AI and creating industry-first software through which he can remotely access and analyze the ultrasound or echo reports of patients based in distant areas where cardiologists are unable to visit. “I will also be aiding in Africa soon”, he adds. Backed by research-driven approach, he has also participated in multiple research studies while also contributing to different medical journals, channels, newspapers, and magazines.

The Secret to Wellness
Dr. Digambar firmly believes that the key to healing lies in the right exercise, the right diet, and the right mind. Propogating the same to others, he states, “Instead of doing more surgeries, I would be happy tomorrow if people started viewing their bodies as a supercomputer to heal themselves. The mind is the government of our body, which, if trained well, can govern the body well". He has created a detailed diet booklet and strives to convince the patients to be active. He also actively participates in lectures for the students and 3-hour workshops to educate others about the power of the subconscious mind, healing, and wellness. Helping others live their complete and best life, Dr. Digambar envisions a new healthcare system for the country that will bridge the gap between resources and requirements.