• Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill: Architect Of Hope, Rescuing Hearts Without The Need For Stents
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    Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill: Architect Of Hope, Rescuing Hearts Without The Need For Stents

    In the complexity of India’s bustling healthcare landscape, where the demand for cardiac interventions often takes centre stage, Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill emerges as a guiding light - a follower of ethical practice and patient-centric care. As the lone interventional cardiologist in India championing against indiscriminate stenting, Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill is a medical maverick, having rescued over 35,000 patients in the past five years without resorting to stents or surgery. He challenges traditional practices, sparing numerous individuals from unnecessary invasive procedures. A Trailblazer’s Odyssey in Cardiology The Chief Intervention Cardiologist and Diabetologist - Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill’s career in medicine started in government institutions, instilling in him a strong...


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