Dr. Deepika's Wellness: Nutritional Intervention with Ayurveda for Total Health

Dr. Deepika Malik,   Ayurvedic Nutritionist

Dr. Deepika Malik

Ayurvedic Nutritionist

The artificially ‘healthy lifestyle’ that people lead today is the root cause of all the problems that they face health-wise. Unproportionate deemed healthy munching, workout schedules, fast-food intakes, and to top that, a busy schedule that neglects health are some of the basic examples that people need to work upon. However, the simpler the intervention seems, it doesn’t simply happen overnight. A lot of dedication, patience, and time goes into the process, where health is not just a priority, but a habit. Working on the same agenda, Dr. Deepika Malik started Dr. Deepika's Wellness in 2006, in DLF-4, Gurgaon & Delhi NCR to promote total health with the help of nutrition and Ayurveda.

Dr. Deepika is a Ayurvedic Nutritionist in Gurgaon with 15+ years of experience. Being the best nutritional clinic in Delhi NCR, Dr. Deepika's Wellness inculcates a sound balance between physical, mental, and social status by motivating patients through every area of their life. Dr. Deepika has done postgraduate diploma in preventive and promotive health care. She holds a diploma in Dietetics from Australia and is leading a team of Dieticians and Nutritionists in Gurgaon. She is also a Gut Health Expert and has been practicing this in addition to other services.
Nature is the Answer
Dr. Deepika's Wellness delves deeper into the concept of Ayurveda for treating people with diet modifications. More than 60 percent of the patients visit the clinic for various diet services such as weight loss, diabetes, PCOS, arthritis & many more. The patients come to the clinic for reversing the ailment through dietary interventions. Though there are medications for the same in the market, the chemical compositions are proven to impact the body and can be proven harmful through their intake in the long run. Besides, the results may wear off soon and medications for a lifetime are not the ideal way to treat a health condition. The answer lies within nature; it’s the one that’s been there for ages and as the world has evolved, so has the field of Ayurveda. With just simple interventions, one can target total health and that’s when Dr. Deepika's Wellness comes into the picture to turn its passion into functionality for its patients.

Deepika's Wellness promotes a passion for natural healing through diet and Ayurveda and gives a patient hearing to people visiting the clinic

Targeting Holistic Well-Being
The concept of total health is an elaborate one. Total health is feeling well and being well in a holistic sense and the microscopic essence of this is the food you eat. One is what he eatss because nutrition stimulates everything – the ideas, behaviour, and everything that incorporates one's physical and mental state. Thus, delving deeper into the nutritional needs and altering the lifestyle that largely revolves around the time, quantity, and quality of food can help one achieve total health. “Being a doctor, I feel the need to implant awareness about the nutritional intervention that we need to accommodate in our day-to-day lives for total health.

That’s the essence and motto of all I do. I have been a part of several campaigns and seminars where I have talked about and promoted total health. I even have a cooking channel where I strongly promote nutritional recipes and the ingredients are simple to find, the ones that we have been using from the time our grandmothers used to cook”, says Dr. Deepika. Dr. Deepika's Wellness has patients across the globe who seek help from the clinic for total health. The short-term goal is to transform the passion for nutritional intervention into a café for healthy dine-in and takeaway options.