Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran: Making a Mark in the Neurological Domain with Precision in Diagnosis

Dr.Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, ConsultantThe global Neurology market size is estimated at $42.5 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.56 per cent from 2024 to 2030. This can be attributed to the increasing prevalence of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Brain cancer, Epilepsy and Traumatic brain injuries. India boasts a large pool of skilled Neurologists, with an estimated 33,000 practitioners. With the rising prevalence of neurological diseases, it’s crucial to find the best Neurologist for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Mainly patients are expecting clear explanation and instructions from doctors about their condition. An open communication with patients is desperately needed in this sector, with a 360-degree solution to tackle their problems. Emerging prominently among them is Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, a renowned UK trained expert in the departments of Neurophysiology and Neurology who always communicates openly with all her patients and make them feel comfortable before starting diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran graduated from Bangalore University in the year 2000. She has studied from the prestigious Barts and the London NHS Trust in London subsequent to finishing her Bachelor’s in Medicine from Bangalore University. She has spent 12 years in London where she worked in world’s renowned hospitals like St.
Bartholomew’s, Royal London and Queens Square which were regarded as the Mecca in the field of Neurology. She has also spent time in Great Ormond street hospital which is considered as the quaternary centre for paediatrics and learnt neurophysiological diagnostic procedures for infants and children. "I am an active Rotarian and contributed to Rotary funded charity programs including Pulse Polio program organised by WHO and Government of India”, says Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, Consultant, Neurophysiology and Neurology.

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Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran later returned to India in 2012. Currently, she is working with Kauvery Hospital of Chennai as a consultant specializing in Stroke, Epilepsy Neuromuscular disorders, Sleep Medicine and Clinical Neurophysiology. Dr. Bhuvaneshwari’s innovative ideas and treatment methods have made her a significant contributor to the development of medical science in India. She evaluates her patients in the hospital who have had surgery or a medical problem if they have a new problem, such as seizure or decreased alertness. These neurological evaluations help her to determine outlook or the likelihood of improving from a severe illness.

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari has always formed a close bond with each of her patient before moving further in the treatment as she strongly believes that communication is the key

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran has also given numerous formal and informal training to medical health professionals, medical students and doctors. This has been across a number of formats such as clinical bedside teaching, clinical skills teaching, seminars, tutorials and lectures. She has regularly given health awareness talks to diverse MNCs such as TCS, Infosys, Space organisations like ISRO and many Educational institutions. Dr. Bhuvaneshwari has played a significant role in opening up the Stroke Unit and upgrading the Neurophysiology department bringing it on par with world class hospitals.

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran is an expert diagnostician and highly skilled in performing neurophysiological procedures for adults as well as children. She is also an expert in IV Thrombolysis in acute stroke management. She was also honoured by the prestigious award for registrars during her training at Wadham College, Oxford. She strongly believes that patients should not be marginalised by the society and they should be accepted and treated respectfully. Moving forward, Dr. Bhuvaneshwari foresees that future of Neurology is very promising. All one needs is to have a passion to thrive and curious to upgrade themselves on a daily basis.