Dr. Aditya Soni's Clinic: Tech Integrated & Mindful Psychotherapy Services

India bears the title of ‘most depressing country’ in the world, where 56 million people suffer from depression(WHO report). Due to lack of awareness and the existing social stigma, conditions like psychosis and depression are either ignored or shamed. The country is in need of more empaths to gripe against the persisting beliefs, which have stalled the rational minds of India. Dr. Aditya Soni, a MBBS & MD in Psychiatry, Founder & Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist, Dr. Aditya Soni’s Nirvana Neuro-Psychiatry & De-Addiction Centre, avers, “It’s time to think about ‘depression’ as illness. Today, the youth of our country are committing suicide due to stress, wherein at every second, a person in India is suffering from ill mental health. If we spread the awareness for mental health problems, a sufferer can reach the mental health professionals”.

During his second year MBBS, Dr.Aditya suffered from a grave condition of ‘clinical depression’, which siphoned his interest to clinical psychology to relieve the beautiful minds from the creeping darkness of psychosis. After serving as clinical psychologist for six years, he established Dr. Aditya Soni’s Nirvana Neuro Psychiatry & De-Addiction Centre (aka Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic) in July 2017 in Jaipur to provide ‘real experience’ towards the path of wellness. He follows evidence based, advanced scientific strategies for patient care and even provides educational programs for mass awareness and training services on innovative research topics to impart knowledge on mental health.

From Illness to Health
The clinic provides pharmacotherapy treatments from child psychiatry, geriatric mental health, women mental health, and prevalent neurological disorders to de-addiction. Its counseling services are helping students to improve their performance (free of cost Student Counselling), and is educating adolescents clear their misconceptions through Sex Education. The clinic’s treatment plans for interpersonal conflicts (Marriage/Couple Counselling) and promoting intrapersonal bonding (Family Counselling) has helped number of families come together more strongly. It is introducing newer modalities like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Sex Therapy, Anger Management Therapy and
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to enrich the counselling services. Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic also harnesses diagnostic tools like Electroencephalography (EEG), Electroconvulsive therapy(ECT) and Telepsychiatry for precise Neuro-Psychiatric evaluation.
Dr Aditya Soni, Founder & Consultant Neuro - Psychiatrist

Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic also introduced newer techniques like Ketamine infusion for suicidal patients leading to rapid response, apart from deep focus on e-Mental Health Services, Opioid Substitution therapy for de-addiction, deep brain stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)to transform the clinic to an epitome of psychotherapy treatment. Focusing majorly on quality rather than quantity, the clinic does telephonic follow-ups on third day to check on any side effects & Rx courses. Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic even conducts seminars, workshops and outreach programs in local villages, and even tries reducing stigma through social media platforms.

Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic is an ISO certified clinic, HIPPA compliant, and falls under Mental Health Care Act 2017, hence lays major emphasis on service and security of data. A digital savvy clinic, it keeps EMRs private with only patients having easy access to their own records. Its remote access solutions offer two step authentication and whitelists, thus limiting access.

Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic also introduced newer techniques like Ketamine infusion for suicidal patients leading to rapid response

Dr. Aditya is a talented graphic designer who caters infographics, patient education leaflets, bulletins, advertising video loops for TVs in hospitals and many other value added services. The clinic has also designed mobile apps tailored as per patient’s needs. It uses IVR that allows patients to take their daily health check through call at their convenience, whether from computer, phone or tablet. Such effective measures ensure 90 percent success rate. Dr. Aditya is now engaged in creating Asia’s largest rehab centre completely equipped with newer treatment techniques one point treatment centre for patients suffering from a neurological disorder like stroke, psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia and de-addiction services.