Don Bosco Clinical Counselling Centre: Treating Children, Youth & Adults via Evidence-Based Therapies

Two decades back in Kerala, 40 percent of the students writing SSLC examinations in schools ended-up as failures due to difficulty in studying. Many who failed became depressed and some ended-up committing suicide. The most alarming fact was that most of them were mentally depressed, and that pushed them to commit suicide. Despite the presence of multiple tuition, learning and coaching centres for students, there was a dire need for psychologists who could deeply study their problems and heal them from within.

Thanks to Dr. Thomas Varkey (Director, Don Bosco Clinical Counselling Centre), a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in B.E.T. who at that time stepped-in to resolve a spectrum of psychological problems in students through psychotherapy to get them back to the main stream. To predominantly address this bracket, he laid the foundation for Don Bosco Clinical Counseling Centre back in 2002. During the initial days, he treated almost 80-85 students every year, wherein majority of them not just passed with first class or distinction in their examinations, but also managed to settle abroad with decent jobs. Dr. Thomas adds, “Prior to establishing Don Bosco, I had worked in many clinics across Trivandrum, Ernakulam and Kollam, where I gained tremendous experience and confidence in addressing all kinds of psychological problems”. Today, his centre caters to children, youngsters and adults with wide range of psychological and emotional problems.

Truly Evidence-Based
Dr. Thomas is currently practicing B.E.T.(Brains Equilibrium Therapy) patented by late Dr. Berkmans Koyical, and believes that every clinical therapy requires clinical evidence. At Don Bosco Clinical Counseling Centre, every patient’s detailed case history is taken. This includes study of family background, genetic factors, problems at conception & pregnancy, and biographical events that influenced the person. After this, a standardized test is conducted, wherein all the problems such as depression, anxiety, phobia, panic attack, anger, hysteria, OCD, poor memory, hyperactivity, severe guilt and many others are diagnosed in patients. This
test gives them and the doctor a clear picture about all their symptoms and problems.

Besides administering these Symptoms Scales, the clinician also administers Negative Memory Scale and Dream Scale, which take into account the negative events and dreams that affected the patients and caused psychic illness. The actual therapy method entails decoding the influences (not memory) of negative experiences, imaginations and dreams that lead to the problems using Brain Equilibrium Therapy, without the help of medicines, hypnotism, counseling or advice.
Dr. Thomas Varkey, Director

In each session of therapy, four painful memories are healed using Four Sphere Brainwave Synchronizer and Bio feedback equipment. In 3-5 days 40-60 distressing events are healed. That is the first course of therapy. Then, there is a day of follow up after 21 days, where tests are administered again to assess the shifts in the problem. Even with the first course, there will be considerable reduction of symptoms and problems. Some more therapies are administered to clear the remaining problems. Then within two months, again two more days of follow-up therapies are given. With that usually, even stubborn problems are resolved.

Don Bosco counseling Centre has always been eminent for treating even the most adamant patients

Don Bosco counseling Centre has always been eminent for treating even the most adamant patients! One such patient was a 24-year old girl who was suffering from a range of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, violent behaviours, repeated suicide attempts and others. She suffered from these problems since her early adolescence and never got cured even after being to 36 counselling centres in India and abroad. Despite being completely fed-up with these therapies, she was convinced to attend just one session (45 minutes) at Don Bosco. Witnessing the results, she willingly attended the other sessions and is completely cured now. So far, Dr. Thomas has successfully treated almost 4000 cases, and aspires to pursue the same in the future too.