DocNMe: Enabling Better Mother Care by Connecting Obstetricians & Gynaecologists with Women Patients

Samidha Garud & Bhupendra Chopra, Co-Founders.Every moment of the nine months of pregnancy is an emotional journey for expecting mothers and it is natural to be feeling cautious at every step of the way. However, keeping in view the alarming doctor patient ratio existing in India (one of the worst globally), doctors find it difficult to resolve every concern, leaving the patient in a perpetual state of anxiety. Husband-wife duo and co-founders, Bhupendra Chopra and Samidha Garud resolved to approach this crisis through DocNMe, a platform that focus on the health parameters of expecting mothers whilst seamlessly integrating in the daily lives of doctors and patients with its descriptive features. “DocNMe offers a cloud based, secured, patient collaboration solution for obstetricians and gynaecologists to improve their visibility, practice, efficiency and outreach,” explains Samidha.

Handcrafted Solutions at Pocket-friendly Price

Laima by DocNMe is a woman centric app and an economic option that not only saves patient from regular visits through its
‘Ask’feature, but also tracks health measurements, stores medical documents and proffers reminders. Its most notable feature, the Diary, is a highly proactive tool for women, especially for busy professionals to track their health parameters and premeditated appointments, regulates the entire treatment plan and addresses specific questions to the doctors of their choice. This creates a win-win situation as the doctors are able to enjoy patient loyalty and patients are able to approach a medical assistance they can trust. Samidha explains, “Unlike other platforms, DocNME is not interested in branding it self. It helps the users customize their own app, similar to Liama that gives both parties a sense of belonging”.

DocNMe offers a cloud based, secured, patient collaboration solution for obstetricians and gynaecologists to improve their visibility, practice, efficiency and out reach

Concerned husbands are now turning to Liama for pregnancy related queries. Samidha recalls, “One husband enquired about the diet intake for her wife as the couple had recently shifted to Australia and were concerned about consuming the indigenous food”. Moreover, many corporates adopted Liama and since 2016, have helped an average of one million women annually get the right health advice and consultations. The lite version,
Liama lite, is beneficial to those working in areas with intermittent net connection. DocNMe nullifies the communication gap between the doctor and the patient where the patient can ask questions at a very nominal rate (Rs.50 (24 hours), Rs.100 (12 hours) and Rs.150 (6 hours)). It acts as community binder where doctors are ready to work at a nominal rate for the sheer purpose of helping those in need. This platform essentially helps doctors divide their workflow & protocol that enables easy contact with patient on a continual pace, regardless of their location, and streamlines the work process of the staff like the receptionist, radiologist and several others. Samidha clarifies,“We want to simplify a doctor’s work through our application. However, we don’t claim to replace doctors”.

mHealth platforms raise security concerns and DocNMe guarantees privacy by working on Amazon servers which are EBA-compliant and undertakes the necessary security protocols. “We ensure that the doctor-patient chats are not saved on our servers and the reports that are shared on our platform are encrypted,” assures Samidha. With data analytics as its backbone, DocNMe is enabling the availability of surplus data that helps in effective decision making, suitable for India’s demographics. It is also eyeing the IOT sector where the doctors will have attached devices that would help track their patient’s health on the go. “We are basically trying to be a go-to-place for gynaecologists and envision 2000 (currently 200) doctors on our platform in the next 18 months,” concludes Samidha.