Divinity Heals: Self Harmonize Via Distinct Psychotherapy & Energy-Healing Techniques

Manisha Dhingra Chopra, FounderIntegration’ grew to become a trending buzzword in the field of Psychotherapy over the last couple of decades, where an active momentum witnessed the integration of empirically based therapeutic techniques and theories for obtaining optimum therapeutic efficacy. This significantly held relevance to the Indian context, where inadequacy of single theories, emphasis of patient characteristics, and the need for varying therapeutic relationships demanded revolution. In response to this, 2017-incepted Divinity Heals emerged as the brainchild of Manisha Dhingra Chopra (Founder), who initiated a pioneering combination of (mainstream & alternative)therapeutic treatments utilizing Psychological,Para Psychological, Energy Healing and Meditation techniques for holistic treatments. The establishment catered to treatments and transformation of issues related to stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions and more, while simultaneously aiming to achieve balance within oneself and the environment.

Utilizing its distinct platform, Divinity Heals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified establishment that provides trainings on meditation and energy healing techniques with education and skill development for Holistic Personality, ultimately keeping in view the individual’s and societal needs. Aside this, various energy-healing gift items and crystals for cleansing homes & offices are also advised, all of which are stringently based on client comfort and consent. Home to the development of moral, social and ethical skills, the center is where clients also get educated on anger management and emotional balance. Citing
the effectiveness of its expertise and the ingenious combinations of approaches it presents, Manisha avers, “Divinity Heals is a registered venture, where we have specialists who are rigorous about changing your life through our divine healing methods like Angel Card Reading, Angel Healing, Reiki Healing (Japanese healing technique), Soul Healing (Chinese Healing Modality), Guided Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Dowsing Technique and Past life Regression. Our clients have monstrously profited by soaking-up these divine healing techniques and implementing them in their day-to-day experiences”.

Divinity Heals is a registered venture where we have specialists who are rigorous about changing your life through our divine healing methods

Harmonizing the Body, Mind, & Spirit
Developed with a vision to create harmony and balance within one’s ‘Self’, inclusive of the oneness of body, mind and spirit, these ingenious techniques address deep-rooted issues by aligning thoughts, words and actions, highlighting deeper understanding towards relationships. A living testimony of this practice, Manisha had self-implemented this unique approach to recover and overcome her critical health condition. Upon realizing its efficiency in addition to medication, environmental energies, thought patterns and relevant diets, she grew passionate about introducing this approach to society and tremendously succeeded.

Initiating this unique procedure, clients are first introduced to a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment, followed by case-history taking and counselling to understand their underlying concerns. Post this process, psychotherapy along with alternative healing techniques are implemented, while self-help advises like journaling and practice of yogic techniques (5-7 minutes a day) aim to obtain the best outcomes. Amassed within a supportive infrastructure that accommodates exclusive rooms for healing crystals, for counselling and an exclusive rhythmic filled room for yoga sessions/meditation, Divinity Heals paints the perfect go-to for a life-transforming therapeutic experience.

As an ardent specialist of psychology and therapeutic treatments, Manisha is also a distinguished member of the Advisory Committee of several Cancer and Women Empowerment NGOs, where her ingenious services are highly acknowledged. She has further been awarded ‘Sixth Naari Gaurav Samman’, ‘Women Excellence Award' by Weaving Dreams in Second International Conference and 'Human Library' and ‘Women Empowerment Award' by Bharartiye Jan Sanyog Samiti this year. Further aiming to broaden the spectrums of energy healing, mental health and well-being, Divinity Heals lies in progress of boosting not just the lives of its clients, but also its inhouse staff and revenue over the years.