DCamp Foods & Health Services: Effective Fitness Solution Encompassing Customized Diet & Workout Plans and Door- Delivered Natural Food

Mahesh Kumar,FounderHolistic development & implementation of innovative practices in nutrition have poised the Nutrition and Dietetics industry to address today’s health care needs and issues. Having innovation intertwined in its DNA, DCamp Foods& Health Services is one such organization that has pioneered the concept of providing effective diet programs, purely natural healthy food and physical activity under one umbrella. DCamp has successfully developed effective weight loss programs which give maximum results in shortest possible time. Its Shed90 program, for instance, helps reduce 12-25kgs in 90 days depending on individual differences. This sounds even more impressive considering that the centre refrains from recommending any weight loss pills, supplements or crash diets, and pursues a cent-percent natural nutritional approach that is a combination of traditional & modern diets to achieve weight loss and improve health. While its carefully tailored simple diet plan makes it easier for clients to stick to the program, its one year post-diet
follow-up routine ensures there is minimal to no weight regain after stopping diet.

Using its proprietary software to calculate the clients’ calorie consumption & daily caloric requirement, DCamp then prescribes a diet program & meal plan based on this data & client’s goal

Crafting an Effective Diet & Workout Chart
DCamp’s diet counseling procedure begins with profiling one’s dietary habits with a questionnaire (health, diet, medical & life style histories among others) and produces a detailed report. Using this, the centre’s dietitian performs an in-depth root-cause analysis and recommends necessary intervention. Like wise, fitness assessment is performed as a part of the fitness & wellness counseling and based on one’s fitness level & need, a suitable workout routine is provided which can be performed at home. Making it furthermore interesting, DCamp also provides diet and fitness based team building programs and games. “With effective diet chart and regular workout guidance from DCamp, I started feeling healthier and reduced allergic rashes & hair fall due to the authentic recipes and even reduced 6 kgs in few weeks,” shares a DCamp client with pride.
Using its proprietary software to calculate the clients’ calorie consumption & daily caloric requirement, DCamp then prescribes a diet program & meal plan based on this data & client’s goal. Its Concept Zero health food restaurant (stands for zero oil, zero packed foods, zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives & meat) is another milestone in diet food industry. Offering standard food combos & customized menu based on client’s requirement, DCamp even does door-delivery for clients who sign up for diet & food, thus making it easy to follow the diet. The centre uses the reference values of nutrition recommended by ICMR 2010 to design diet programs, menus and calculate the daily value. Though its natural food diet doesn’t cause any side effect, DCamp adjusts the diet for clients facing even minor issues like headache and tiredness.

DCamp has increased its revenue manifold after launching the illustrious Shed90 & Dclean programs, and doubled its revenue this year after including cross fit facility. Besides concocting a recipe book to make its Shed90 diet plan even tastier and simple, the centre is also in the process of tying up with a renowned lab to include lipid profile, blood profile and nutritional value test before & after diet as a part of the package. Currently expanding its presence to Chennai, DCamp is also opening up franchise opportunities, planning to expand to all major cities in India and eventually emerge into a global company by 2020.